ISSECO Certified Professional for Secure Software Engineering

Purpose of this Document
This syllabus forms the basis for the Certified Professional for Secure Software Engineering. Training providers will produce courseware and determine appropriate teaching methods for accreditation, and the syllabus will help candidates in their preparation for the examination. In the accreditation process, the training material will be checked against this syllabus.This version represents a public, short version of the syllabus. The full version is available to accredited training providers.

Certified Professional for Secure Software Engineering
The qualification scheme is aimed at anyone involved in software engineering. This includes people in roles such as security professionals, project managers, software designers, programmers and consultants. Certificate holders will be able to control and design security aspects across the entire software development lifecycle.

The Examination
The examination will be based on this syllabus. Answers to examination questions may require the use of material based on more than one section of this syllabus. All sections of the syllabus can be subject to examination. The format of the examination is multiple choice. Exams may be taken as part of an accredited training course or independently (e.g. at an examination center).