approval: The agreement that an item is complete and suitable for its intended use. [EIA-649] 
artefact: See product.
attributes: See meta-data.
audit: An independent examination of a work product or set of work products to assess compliance with
specifications, standards, contractual agreements, or other criteria. [IEEE 610.12]
An audit of a configuration management system will not examine a work product or set of work
products but a process or set of processes.
baseline: A specification or software product that has been formally reviewed or agreed upon, that
thereafter serves as the basis for further development, and that can be changed only through a formal
change control process. [IEEE 610.12]
branch: A separate development line, to e. g. isolate bugfixing of an already delivered release from
further development.
build: An operational version of a software product incorporating a specified (sub)set of the capabilities
that the final product will include.
building: Assembling a system or part of a system - sometimes called a build - from components placed
under configuration management.
build management: Management of the build process in development and testing with an interface to
configuration management.