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Software Development Tools Classification
Total 2037 Links
Licence (1991)
Commercial, Open Source, Freeware, Shareware, Hosted     Programming Languages (1391)
.NET, Java, Cobol, Basic, C/C++...     Running Platform (876)
Windows, Unix/Linux, Web, Mainframe, Embedded...
Tool Form (1210)
Software, Plugin, Framework, Code library, Component     Project Management (168)
Estimating, Planning, Tracking     Configuration Management (218)
Build, Source Control, Deployment, Code comparison, Continuous Integration
Software Testing (615)
Unit, Functional, Performance, Bug tracking, Test case management...     Approach (362)
Ajax, UML Unified Modeling Language, Agile and Lean Software Development, Software Product Lines, CMM Capability Maturity Model...     Tool Function (878)
IDE, Editor, Compiler, User Interface, Debugging...
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