Advanced Topics In Scrum

Agility and Reality

When do we need agile?

Agile Earned Value Metrics – Book Chapter

In order to discuss metrics that address these questions, we first need to have the notions ofdefine some Scrum-specific terminology: sprint, feature, and story.

Kanban Vs Scrum – Emperical Light Weights

Kanban for software development is a newer kid on the block, at least in the US. Besides being just another word like Scrum that is not commonly understood in the English language, how does it stack up? Both Kanban and Scrum align with the well with the value system described in the Agile Manifesto. And they make an interesting pair.

Will Kanban replace Scrum?

As much as we love scrum, even we would have to admit that it’s not perfect. The main idea of KanBan is very simple and based on the Lean “pull,” “Just in Time” (JIT), and “reduce inventory” principles: eliminate planning inventory by making sure that you don’t commit to doing work until you are actually ready to start the work.

Is it ok to have Placeholder Stories?

Using Place holder stories is a a method to manage these “known unknowns”.

When is a requirement truly required?

When there is a test that makes it required with a pass/fail then it is a requirement, until then it's just a a desirement.

When are you ready for sprint planning?

There are a number of things you should do before you can even begin planning. The most important thing you can do is make sure that your Product Owner is prepared, and understands what the stories are about.

How do you fill a sprint?

After a Story is committed to, the Team (with the PO in the lead) has the option to reprioritize the Story list, and the Team takes the next one to consider. Once again, the Team comes to the “doneness” Agreement and commits to adding the Story to the list of already-committed-to Stories.

When is a story too large for a sprint?

The Team may not be able to commit to a story, or might not even be able to agree on “done.” This makes the story in question is an epic, by definition, and the Team must decide what to do.