Community Scope

    * is a mid-sized open source community focused on building better tools for collaborative software development.
    * You will not find thousands of unrelated projects here: every project fits into the Tigris mission.
    * You will not find dead projects here: every project is welcomed into the community with a commitment to see it through and active developers cycle among related projects.
    * is hosted by CollabNet, but the Tigris mission is one for the entire open source movement and one that has attracted senior open source developers from many organizations.

The Tigris Mission: Building Open Source Software Engineering Tools provides information resources for software engineering professionals and students, and a home for open source software engineering tool projects.

Software engineering practices are key to any large development project. Unfortunately, software engineering tools and methods are not widely used today. Even after over 30 years as a engineering profession, most software developers still use few software engineering tools. Some of the reasons are that tools are expensive and hard to learn and use, also many developers have never seen software engineering tools used effectively.

The open source software development movement has produced a number of very powerful and useful software development tools, but it has also evolved a software development process that works well under conditions where normal development processes fail. The software engineering field can learn much from the way that successful open source projects gather requirements, make design decisions, achieve quality, and support users. Open source projects are also a great for developers to keep their skills current and plug into a growing base of shared experience for everyone in the field.