I'm the Marketing Communications Manager for Developer and User Experience Runtimes and Tools at Microsoft, which means I work on a lot of content to help market stuff like Visual Studio, Team System, Expression, .NET, Silverlight and more. I've been in Developer Marketing at Microsoft for the last couple of years where I previously worked on MSDN dev centers, Visual Studio marketing sites, developer events, and publishing content to MSDN Library.

I started working on Visual Studio docs as a writer in early 1999 for what became Visual Studio .NET 2002, which included some of the original docs for Web services. After that, I contributed docs on enterprise software development for Visual Studio .NET 2003, and for Visual Studio 2005 I worked on Visual Studio Team System. I've also written articles for MSDN and MSDN Magazine.

Prior to joining Microsoft, I've worked as a Web developer, Visual Basic developer, SQL Server DBA, technical writer, recruiter, nuclear power electrician (11 years in the US Navy), and network administrator. I've been involved with several developer communities and I was a founding member of ASPAlliance and ASPFriends.

In my free time, I enjoy hobbies that range from reading to skydiving. I live in Redmond, Washington with my wife (Nicole), daughter (Stephanie) and dog (Kahlua).