We are pleased to announce that FPT University ( http://www.fpt.edu.vn/ )  has been received ISTQB Foundation Level (CTFL) accreditation by VTB (Vietnamese Testing Board, ISTQB Vietnam).
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Tr튼沼쓓g 휂梳죍 h沼뛠 FPT  - FPT University
T梳죍 H횪 N沼셢
T챵a nh횪 Detech, S沼 8 T척n Th梳쩿 Thuy梳퓍 (t沼쯢 15B Ph梳죑 H첫ng c크), C梳쬾 Gi梳쪅, H횪 N沼셢.
휂i沼뇆 tho梳죍: T沼븂g 휃횪i: (84-4) 37688922; (84-4) 37950911/12; (84-4) 37958281
Fax: (84-4) 3768 7718

T梳죍 TP. H沼 Ch챠 Minh
L梳쬾 2, T챵a nh횪 Innovation, l척 24, C척ng vi챗n ph梳쬷 m沼걅 Quang Trung, P.T창n Ch찼nh Hi沼뇈, Qu梳춏 12, TP. H沼 Ch챠 Minh.
휂i沼뇆 tho梳죍: T沼븂g 휃횪i: (84-8) 54371198
Fax: (84-8) 5437 1198

T梳죍 휂횪 N梳탇g:
143 Nguy沼꿳 L튼퉤ng B梳켷g, Qu梳춏 Li챗n Chi沼긳, TP.휂횪 N梳탇g.
휂i沼뇆 tho梳죍: (84-511) 373 5913/ 14 . Fax: (84-511) 373 5914

*ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualification Board) is responsible for the "ISTQB Certified Tester", which is an international qualification scheme and the qualifications in the scheme are based on a syllabus. There is an examination covering the contents of the syllabus. After the examination, each successful participant receives the 쏧STQB-Certified-Tester certificate.