Vine Viewer is a feature-rich and well supported VNC viewer. Some feature highlights of Vine Viewer include:

    * New in version 3.1!
          o UltraVNC single-click support
          o Support for Snow Leopard - Apple Mac OS X 10.6
    * Remote screen capture
    * QuickTime movie recording
    * International keyboard support
    * Full-screen mode
    * Secure connections through SSH
    * Viewer window scaling

Plus, when Vine Viewer is used with Vine Server a further unique benefit includes

    * Rich clipboard support, including copy and paste file exchange.

Vine Viewer has a wealth of uses: Helpdesk, education, remote system administration, telecommuting and family technical support, to name a few. And, Vine Viewer is a full Universal Binary For Improved Intel performance. Another unique application you may want to explore is its ability to support Multiple Desktop Sessions when used with Vine Server.

Or, for a real world example of how Vine Viewer has been used to recover a dead Mac iBook click here: Mark Czerniec: What's on my iBook?

Vine Viewer 3 runs on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) through 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
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