Lightweight Test Automation Framework is an integration testing tool, which works by scripting the web browser to perform a sequence of actions against your application’s UI – entering text and clicking links and buttons exactly as a real user would - and then checking that the expected results can be seen in the browser window.

Just in case you don’t know the difference between unit testing and integration testing:

    * Unit tests work against the API of a particular component in your code. Ideally, they test only that single isolated unit (hence the name), which allows them to pinpoint any problems exactly where they occur. Unit testing tools for .NET include NUnit, mbUnit, and xUnit.
    * Integrations tests combine multiple components. Typically, they work at the UI level to test that your JavaScript, your HTML, your controller code, your model code, and your database all work together. Integration testing tools for .NET include Selenium, Watin, and Lightweight Test Automation Framework.