The Machine Scanner Component Database is aimed at management of any server, workstation, laptop or network equipment (over 1700 types of devices supported) on any scale, continually remotely scanning subnets using parallel processing and multi-threading technology to ensure that the data gathering, management and monitoring jobs run as close to real time as possible.

The Machine Scanner CMDB system can:
• Gather information
• Store manually input data per device found (similar to an inventory database)
• Sort the discovered devices (in accordance to your preferences)
• Monitor thousands of types of criteria
• Run any number of rules, scripts or packages against all or defined lists of devices

This type of power and granularity is exploded onto a system which connects to multiple devices all at once, and all with no client installations (All management, monitoring and data gathering are completed remotely). This introduces a new higher level of management to any operational team looking after multiple machines.