RDM+ connects your mobile device to remote computer with Windows OS and provides the ability to perform different tasks you usually do on your desktop wirelessly behind firewall and NAT.
You can also use RDM+ Web-based service from any computer to conveniently manage your email, files, programs and network resources.

Available Devices

Apple iPhone    
Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

BlackBerry device
Most popular: 8300 Curve, 8900 Curve, 9000 Bold, 9500 Storm

Windows Mobile device
Most popular: Motorola Q, Samsung BlackJack, Samsung SCH-i760, HTC TyTN II, HTC Touch

Java Phone
You can access your PC from almost any currently popular mobile phone, including Symbian OS phone.
Most popular: Samsung Propel (SGH-A767), Nokia N97, Sony Ericsson W995

Palm OS device
Most popular: Palm Centro, Palm Treo, Palm TX

Web Access
No matter what web-browser or platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix) you use to access your PC remotely.