E-Z Audit™ v11 is the easiest and most affordable PC audit product on the market today. Close to 3000 global companies, government agencies, academic institutions and small businesses have chosen E-Z Audit™ in just the past year and a half.

E-Z Audit is the leading PC audit software on the market today.

Inexpensive, easy to use and fast to deploy, with results and features that rival or exceed far more expensive PC audit programs.

Comprehensive software and hardware asset inventory via your network, Intranet, USB flash drive or CD. Unsurpassed ease of use, top quality personal tech support, easy one-click reports and more make E-Z Audit is the right PC audit tool at the right price. And now check the update status of your anti-virus and anti-spyware tools, Windows Updates and more!

Version 11 introduces two of the most requested features you've been asking for:

    * Export data via a command-line without the need of an add-on - learn more here.
    * Compare a PC to a baseline audit - learn more here.