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[Free] Freeware testing tool, [Paid] Commercial testing tool
Total Articles 25
25 Acceptance Mind MapTool 3
1139 May 11, 2012
Overview of Mind Mapping and Free Mind Tool 횠 Mind Mapping is the most effective, "brain-friendly" way to turn the unorganized, linear, fleeting ideas and thoughts into a structured form. 횠 Mind map...  
24 Acceptance [Paid] RTI :Testing system performance for end-user acceptance 1 image
2207 Feb 09, 2011
Free Demo : RTI is a tool that you can use to help ensure that the system performance for your application meets end-user expectations. It measures response time an...  
23 Acceptance [Free] eCATT: extended Computer Aided Test Tool
3134 Sep 23, 2010 Use extended Computer Aided Test Tool (eCATT) to create and execute functional tests for software. The primary aim is t...  
22 Acceptance [Free] GivWenZen Flex : aceptance testing framework for flex
1610 Sep 10, 2010 A BDD style aceptance testing framework for flex. Based on the GivWenZen concepts from original GivWenZen by Wes Williams and others.  
21 Acceptance [Free] HATE: Harness for Algorithm Testing and Evaluation file
1294 Mar 10, 2010
HATE is a test harness, a program that is intended to take the tedium out of testing and evaluating programs. Some effort has been taken to ensure that HATE is totally independent of both the pro...  
20 Acceptance [Free] UISpec : Acceptance Testing Tool for iPhone 1
3718 Feb 12, 2010 UISpec is a Behavior Driven Development framework for the iPhone that provides a full automated testing solution that drives the actual iPhone UI. It is mo...  
19 Acceptance [Paid] Rally Quality Manager : Acceptance test management 1 image
2907 Dec 10, 2009
http://www.rallydev.-com/agile_products/l-ifecycle_management/-test_management/ Acceptance test management with Rally Enterprise Rally Enterprise enables QA teams to associate tests cases to each user story and sched...  
18 Acceptance [Paid] AVELife TestGold Studio 3 : Assessment software 1 image
1082 Dec 08, 2009 Do you need stable assessment software for pre-employment screening of knowledge, professional skills and psychological strains? Do you want to hold peri...  
17 Acceptance [Paid] XpoLog Center - Optimize Application Quality and Availability 1
1256 Dec 08, 2009 XpoLog for Testing is a log analysis platform that automatically discovers applications problems during testing and production. XpoLog detects errors that were docume...  
16 Acceptance [Free] Concordion : Free Automated Acceptance Tests in Java 1 image
4243 Oct 30, 2009 Concordion is an open source tool for writing automated acceptance tests in Java Key Features Powerful, yet simple to use Concordion integrates directly with JUnit. Highly read...  
15 Acceptance [Free] JBehave : Acceptance-Test Driven Design and Testing tool 1
3214 Oct 30, 2009 JBehave is a framework for Behaviour-Driven Development Behaviour-driven development (BDD) is an evolution of test-driven development (TDD) and acceptance-test driven desi...  
14 Acceptance [Paid] RAM Commander : Reliability and Maintainability software 2
4065 Sep 14, 2009 RAM Commander is a Reliability and Maintainability software for reliability professionals and design engineers. This powerful software program cov...  
13 Acceptance [Free] Selenium Grid: the new Selenium generation 6
2079 Jul 25, 2009
This tool is awsome! Can test in a thread safe mode parallel, multi environment, multi browser tests. Download link:  
12 Acceptance [Free] A-Prompt : desktop testing tool 5 image
1572 Jul 10, 2009 A-Prompt (free): This desktop testing tool from the University of Toronto analyzes one page at a time for adherence to accessibility and 508 standards. A-Prompt produces an er...  
11 Acceptance [Free] StoryTestIQ : Test framework for Acceptance Tests 6 image
1968 May 22, 2009 StoryTestIQ (STIQ) is a test framework used to create Automated Acceptance Tests or Story Tests. STIQ is a mashup of Selenium and FitNesse. It is "wiki-ized" ...  
10 Acceptance [Free] Fit (Framework for Integrated Test) - Acceptance Testing 5 image
2070 May 22, 2009 Fit: Framework for Integrated Test Great software requires collaboration and communication. Fit is a tool for enhancing collaboration in software development. It's an invaluable way to coll...  
9 Acceptance [Free] Concordion : automated acceptance tests in Java 2
1888 May 06, 2009 Concordion is an open source tool for writing automated acceptance tests in Java Key Features Powerful, yet simple to use Concordion integrates directly with JUnit. ...  
8 Acceptance [Free] FitNesse : acceptance testing framework 4 image
4167 Jan 16, 2009
Welcome to FitNesse! The fully integrated standalone wiki, and acceptance testing framework. Be-monster not thy feature, wer't my fitnesse" Shakespeare, King Lear A great book to learn FIT. T...  
7 Acceptance [Free] Robot Framework : keyword-driven test automation framework for acceptance level testing 3 image
11227 Dec 07, 2008
Robot FrameworkRobot Framework is a Python-based keyword-driven test automation framework for acceptance level testing and acceptance test-driven development (ATDD). It has an easy-to-use tabular syntax for cr...  
6 Acceptance [Free] SelfEsteem - Acceptance Test tool 5
1750 Nov 11, 2008
SelfEsteem SelfEsteem is a graphical presentation of Acceptance Test results. It allows customers to actually SEE a development teams progress. Our goal is to have metrics that are so clear and rel...  
5 Acceptance ( Paid) Vienna - User Acceptance and General Testing 8 image
1944 Oct 15, 2008
쁏erfect for U.A.T. and General Testing Vienna provides for Test Case Management, Test Execution, Defect Management and Automatic Report Generation ownload Trial Help Vienna Hot Points I...  
4 Acceptance [ Free] JWebUnit : Acceptance tests for web applications. 5
2891 Oct 15, 2008
Download What is JWebUnit? JWebUnit is a Java framework that facilitates creation of acceptance tests for web applications. It evolved from a project where we were using JUnit to create acceptance test...  
3 Acceptance [Free] FitNess - Acceptance testing framework. 3 1 image
17045 Oct 15, 2008
Welcome to FitNesse! FitNesse is a software development collaboration toolGreat software requires collaboration and communication. FitNesse is a tool for enhancing collaboration in software development....  
2 Acceptance [ Free] Avignon, an acceptance test system 4 image
3259 Aug 28, 2008
Avignon is an acceptance test system that allows you to write executable tests in a language that you define. It uses XML to define the syntax of the language but, if you choose to extend the language, ...  
1 Acceptance [Free] Watir : Automated testing tool 10
6390 Mar 07, 2008
Download : Automated testing that doesn셳 hurt Watir is a simple open-source library for automating web browsers. It allows you to write tests that are easy to read and e...  
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