SelfEsteem is a graphical presentation of Acceptance Test results. It allows customers to actually SEE a development teams progress. Our goal is to have metrics that are so clear and reliable that software development starts becoming something concrete.

SelfEsteem is basically a very thin / lightweight applet. It is generated as part of your build process, and gives someone like your customer / pm / testers, etc something real to look at. Take a look at it being used in a real project.

What's the difference between unit and acceptance tests?

1) Unit tests have to always be passing at 100%. Acceptance tests are never passing at 100% until you're done with that iteration, phase, release, etc. You can measure how far you are in an iteration by how many tests are passing compared to how many you have

2) Unit tests and acceptance tests test at different levels. Unit tests test at the class level, acceptance tests test at the story level. So it makes sense to SEE them by the story they're associated with.

What's with the iterations?

Whether you're developing with RUP or with XP, an iteration is a vertical slice through an application. Each iteration there should be testable deliverables. We're displaying tests by story but we're also displaying stories by iteration. Until all the tests are passing, guess what? You're not done with your iteration. We're trying to make that blindingly clear with this report :)