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RTI is a tool that you can use to help ensure that the system performance for your application meets end-user expectations.

It measures response time and provides end-to-end visibility into underperforming processes that negatively affect transactions and events. These bottlenecks and root cause failures often lie deep within applications, networks, browsers and the web. In a complex system it can be difficult to identify the actual source of a problem – with RTI it becomes easier.

RTI is user-friendly.  Its powerful reporting and summary features are accessible and intuitive to users at all levels of the organization – developers, performance testers and engineers, IT managers, Level 2/3 support and help desk personnel.

A non-invasive and lightweight tool, RTI boasts robust out-of-the-box capabilities and installs in minutes, with no significant infrastructure requirements and no need to modify the systems or applications being evaluated. 

Using RTI, organizations are able to rapidly trace performance and functional problems, such as response times and underlying architectural limitations, to their source and – leveraging RTI's flexibility – configure data collection parameters to access real-time data critical to restoring optimal performance.

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