Acceptance test management with Rally Enterprise

Rally Enterprise enables QA teams to associate tests cases to each user story and schedule acceptance testing in the iteration. Because tests are tightly integrated to development work, testers can surface bugs early and deliver working software at the end of the iteration.

What test management functionality is included in Rally Enterprise?

    * Author acceptance tests directly from requirements with a detailed test case editor that lets you define test types, records steps and keeps you aware of any changes
    * Enter conclusive test results and maintain a full, time-stamped history of every result
    * Open a defect from a failed test case

Full release test management with Rally Quality Manager

Rally Enterprise customers upgrade their test management capability with the optional Rally Quality Manager module. Rally Quality Manager gives you advanced organization tools to manage your regression and multiple configurations testing to verify the quality of your entire software release.

What test management upgrades are included in Rally Quality Manager?

    * Design test plans and organize them into test suites with Rally’s test folder hierarchy
    * Schedule a set of tests into your iteration or release to accurately track the complete status of projects
    * Reports and dashboards display the status of your test coverage including the number of test cases passing, failing or pending. Or, use the Rally Mashup Toolkit and data from other testing systems to create custom reports or mashups

Example Screens:

Test Case Editor for Test Management  Test Plan View for Test Management  Rally Connector for HP Quality Center for Integrated Test Management  Scheduling regression test sets