XpoLog for Testing is a log analysis platform that automatically discovers applications problems during testing and production.
XpoLog detects errors that were documented into the logs during testing cycles and might have gone un-noticed otherwise. Compare problems between different versions or Testing and Production environments provide an important insight on undiscovered problems and development progress.

XpoLog generates usage reports on applications logs from production, helping testers to understand how the applications are used, and where to focus the testing efforts.
Integration to Bug Tracking system allows fast snapshot creation and attachment of logs for bugs, accelerating time to resolution.
Discovery of errors during testing, snapshots of logs, usages reports and environments comparison are only a fragment of XpoLog's features and capabilities.

Optimizing software quality and cleaning errors from the logs increase production success and saves time when solving problems in production.

  •     Log Analysis for Testing - Integration with Atlassian Jira
  •     Automatic Application Monitoring and Reporting
  •     Log Management software for Systems and Applications
  •     Testing Lab - Compare logs to production, snapshots and reports
  •     Log Viewer, Logs Search Engine, Monitoring, Reports and more

The XpoLog difference:
  •     Non intrusive, agent less solution: minimum deployment period, immediate ROI
  •     No changes to IT configuration or code, just plug and play
  •     Generate Compliance, Regulation and Business reports on any log within seconds
  •     Detects performance and correctness errors in development and production
  •     Navigate all log data from a single centralized web interface - log viewer
  •     Index, Search and automatically merge multiple logs into a unified viewer
  •     Accelerate Problem Isolation and Troubleshooting dramatically. View and analyze in real time from your browser
  •     Scalable solution to meet future and current needs