Do you want to ?
- Capture whole web page displayed in IE (even the hidden part of it)?
- Compare two image and get there difference?
- Capture images from your desktop?
- Combine various images into one?
- Add Text to any image?

Is yes, then KnowledgeInbox is proud to present the first ever Screen capturing API library with extensive features. This library offers what no other capturing library on the internet will offer. It can be used as building blocks for any screen capturing utility. This library is answer to all your worries…


    * Capture desktop screen
    * Capture active window
    * Capture a region on screen
    * Capture a window using window handle
    * Capture a region of window using window handle
    * Convert image from one format to another format
    * Get Internet Explorer object from window handle or any other property
    * Capture IE web pages with frame
    * Capture any specific object on the IE web page
    * Capture complete web pages in Internet explorer using vertical and horizontal screen captures.
    * Compare two images and get difference between them
    * Combine different images
    * Complete documentation provided
    * Compatible with all COM supporting scripting languages
    * Many sample VBScript provided for various methods

ScreenCatpure API is FREE for both PERSONAL and COMMERCIAL use. For COMMERCIAL use drop a email to author with company details to notify that the Library is being used commercially

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