Use any additional desktop PC or laptop, Doubleview can extend your desktop using a simple network connection.

Feeling a little crowded on a single monitor?  Looking for a bit of dual screen action? DoubleView lets you turn any spare PC (including laptops and Tablet PCs) into a monitor extension for your main computer. Use this simple software solution to double your screen real estate economically, without requiring a second video card or a dual-output card.

Don't toss away that old PC yet.  DoubleView gives you the power of multiple monitors to increase your productivity!

Ideal for:

  • Anyone with a spare old PC
  • Home consumers
  • People with lots of photos to edit
  • Graphics and audio professionals
  • Software developers and QA testers


  • Doubles your Screen Size Without Hardware
  • Allow Screen Flipping
  • Supports High Resolutions
  • Three Display Modes
  • Works with Laptops, Destops and Tablet PCs
  • Easy to Use
  • Multiple Connection Options
  • Fast, Smooth Response Times
  • No IP address required
  • Works with Older Operating Systems