VectorCAST/C++ is an integrated software test solution that significantly reduces the time, effort, and cost associated with testing C/C++ software components necessary for validating safety- and mission-critical embedded systems.

VectorCAST/C++ parses your source code and invokes code generators to automatically create the test code (stubs and drivers) required to construct a complete, executable test harness. Once the test harness is constructed, utilities can be used to build and execute test cases, show code covered, and report static measurements. Test data is maintained separately from the test harness, enabling easy automatic regression testing.

The Test Case Generator of VectorCAST/C++

Key Features

  • Complete test-harness construction for unit and integration testing
  • Stubs and drivers built automatically
  • Test execution from GUI or scripts
  • Code-coverage analysis
  • Regression testing
  • Automatic tests based on decision paths
  • User-defined tests for requirements-based testing
  • Automated coding standards enforcement with C and C++
  • Test execution playback to assist in debugging
  • Integration with Telelogic's Rhapsody® Modeling and DOORS® Requirements Tools