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[Free] Freeware testing tool, [Paid] Commercial testing tool
Total Articles 105
105 Review, Static [Paid] TBsecure : secure coding standard image
1549 Jun 20, 2011
TBsecure enables developers to easily see how the source code performs against security vulnerabilities, fault-detection and adherence to the required quality standards. As its primary role, TBsecure appli...  
104 Review, Static [Paid] CodeSecure : static source code analysis platform image
3276 May 11, 2011
http://www.armorize.-com/index.php?link_id=codesecure What is CodeSecure꽓 Armorize CodeSecure꽓 is a static source code analysis platform that leverages third generation software verification technologies to ...  
103 Review, Static [Paid] FoCuS : functional coverage testing tool 2
1270 Feb 28, 2011 A tool that implements the functional coverage methodology, providing detailed coverage information and improving testing. FoCuS is a general-purpose tool for improving ...  
102 Review, Static [Free] Sonar : Manage code quality 4 image
3315 Dec 08, 2010
Downlaod : Sonar is an open platform to manage code quality. Sonar is a web-based application. Rules, alerts, thresholds, exclusions, settings can be configured online. ...  
101 Review, Static [Free] ftnchek : Static analyzer for Fortran
1665 Nov 19, 2010 ftnchek is a static analyzer for Fortran 77 programs. It is designed to detect certain errors in a Fortran program that a compiler usually does not. ftnchek is not primari...  
100 Review, Static [Free] QuickRev : Code review tool 3 47 image
1610 Nov 01, 2010 QuickRev is a code review tool which supports formal code review processes for Subversion and ClearCase controlled files. It implements a Complete Review Cycle, allows reviews...  
99 Review, Static [Free] CodeNarc : Static analysis tool 1
1679 Oct 18, 2010 The CodeNarc project provides a static analysis tool and framework for analyzing Groovy source code. CodeNarc scans Groovy source code, looking for violations of predefin...  
98 Review, Static [Paid] Byteworx : Tool for FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) image
2337 Oct 06, 2010
http://www.byteworx.-com/ Your best choice for powerful, cost-effective software for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). Easy to learn and easy to use, third-generation Byteworx FMEA software guides ...  
97 Review, Static [Paid] dotCover : .NET Code Coverage Tool image
3000 Sep 23, 2010
Download : JetBrains dotCover is a new code coverage tool for .NET developers. It extends the JetBrains .NET tools family that already includes ReSharper and dotTrac...  
96 Review, Static [Paid] Understand : a static analysis tool
3327 Jul 14, 2010
Download : http://www.scitools.-com/download/latest.-php Understand is a static analysis tool for maintaining, measuring, & analyzing critical or large code bases We've noticed that some basic metrics are mor...  
95 Review, Static [Paid] TapRooT : Root cause analysis tool 2 image
4122 Jul 01, 2010
http://www.taproot.c-om/software.php The TapRooT짰 System has been proven by use around the world to find and fix the root causes of problems. TapRooT짰 Users rave about its accuracy and consistency. Now...  
94 Review, Static [Free] SourceMonitor : software source code Review Tool
2224 Jun 28, 2010 The freeware program SourceMonitor lets you see inside your software source code to find out how much code you have and to identify the relative complexity o...  
93 Review, Static [Free] Review Board : Web-based code review tool image
3257 Jun 28, 2010
Free Download at Review Board is a powerful web-based code review tool that offers developers an easy way to handle code reviews. It scales well from small projects...  
92 Review, Static [Paid] Ada-ASSURED : Testing and reviewing for coding style
1926 May 28, 2010
Ada-ASSURED is a powerful tool that ensures consistent coding style, prevents syntax errors, and provides productivity features for writing and reviewing Ada code. It features language-sensitive editing, aut...  
91 Review, Static [Free] StyleCop : Static code analysis tool for C# (Microsoft)
2935 May 28, 2010 StyleCop is a free static code analysis tool from Microsoft that checks C# code for conformance to StyleCop's recommended coding styles and a subset of Microsof...  
90 Review, Static [Paid] Vigilant Sentry : a static code analyzer for C/C++ 1 image
2284 May 27, 2010 Vigilant Sentry is a static code analyzer a program that scans C/C++ source code and identifies potential defects. Sentry's analysis engine automatically traverses every possible pa...  
89 Review, Static [Paid] CodeSonar : source code analysis for critical embedded applications
2042 May 27, 2010 GrammaTech CodeSonar짰 performs whole-program, interprocedural source code analysis on your C/C++ code, identifying programming bugs that can result in system ...  
88 Review, Static [Paid] Checkmarx CxSuite : Source Code Analysis (SCA) image
6695 May 27, 2010 Checkmarx CxSuite짰 is the most powerful Source Code Analysis (SCA) solution designed for identifying, tracking and fixing technical and logical security flaws fro...  
87 Review, Static [Free] Astr챕e : a static program analyzer image
2196 May 27, 2010 Astr챕e is a static program analyzer that proves the absence of run-time errors (RTE) in safety-critical embedded applications written or automatically generated in C. Astr챕e ana...  
86 Review, Static [Free] Spec Explorer 2010 : modeling software behavior, analyzing
1371 May 06, 2010
download : Spec Explorer 2010 is a tool that extends Visual Studio for modeling software behavior, analyzing that behavior by graphical visualization, model ...  
85 Review, Static [Paid] TICS Analyzer : Generates coding standard violations image
1750 Apr 21, 2010
<script type="text/javascript"-; src=""-; page="tics_analyzer"></script> The TICS Analyzer generates coding standard vi...  
84 Review, Static [Paid] QPack ALM Analytics : Project Analyst tool image
1549 Apr 20, 2010
http://www.orcanos.c-om/qpack_alm_analyti-cs.htm Orcanos QPack ALM Analytics gives you answers by providing a comprehensive, real-time view of your development projects. Using QPack ALM Analytics gathers key in...  
83 Review, Static [Paid] Coverity Dynamic Analysis image
1303 Apr 19, 2010
http://www.codefast.-com/html/free_trial.-php Coverity Dynamic Analysis helps developers, QA, and test engineers quickly identify hard to diagnose defects in multi-threaded Java applications. With minimal impact ...  
82 Review, Static [Paid] IBM Rational PurifyPlus : Dynamic software analysis solution
[Level:25]Bug Killer
1357 Feb 23, 2010 IBM짰 Rational짰 PurifyPlus꽓 is an award-winning dynamic software analysis solution designed to help developers write faster, more reliable code. It includes four...  
81 Review, Static [Paid] SmartCheck : Automated document review tool
1023 Feb 23, 2010 SmartCheck is an automated document review tool which locates ambiguities within requirement or technical specifications based upon a word, word category, or co...  
80 Review, Static [Free] EZ!Review : Peer code review (code inspection) functionality
1022 Feb 22, 2010
Download : EZ!Review is an integrated functional module of Easy!Flow that provides peer code review (code inspection) functionality. Studies show that peer revie...  
79 Review, Static [Paid] CodeCount : Source lines of code counter
996 Feb 08, 2010
CodeCount Overview Size is one of the most important attributes of a software product. It is not only the key indicator of software cost and time but also a base unit to derive other metrics f...  
78 Review, Static [Paid] EZ-Metrix : Source code metrics utility
1085 Feb 08, 2010 EZ-Metrix짰 is a source code metrics utility with a difference! It's like a tape measure for your software... EZ Metrix Source Code Counter With an e...  
77 Review, Static [Paid] Understand 2.0 : Tool for source code analysis
1112 Feb 08, 2010
http://www.scitools.-com/products/underst-and/ Understand 2.0 is the new version of our product for source code analysis, reverse engineering, code visualization and calculating code metrics. In use by tens o...  
76 Review, Static [Paid] Collaborative Code Review Tool
1207 Jan 29, 2010 Collaborative Code Review Tool is a code review plug-in for Eclipse that supports the code review process, particularly the "Selective Homeworkless Review" methodology. T...  
75 Review, Static [Free] Groogle : Web based peer code review tool
1633 Jan 29, 2010 Groogle is a web based peer code review tool providing a range of features aimed at easing the code review process. Features include: Subversion integration, working aga...  
74 Review, Static [Free] Rietveld : Code Review Tool image
[Level:7]id: Test_Trainer
2152 Jan 29, 2010 Rietveld starts off with major geek cred because its primary author is Python's Guido van Rossum. The tool is written in Python (of course!) and hosted on Google's own ...  
73 Review, Static [Paid] Code Peer Automated Code Review and Validation
1124 Jan 25, 2010
http://www.adacore.c-om/home/products/cod-epeer/ CodePeer assesses a program for potential bugs before it is executed, in effect serving as an automated peer review. Using control-flow, data-flow, and other advanced...  
72 Review, Static [Free] SquAT : Sequence Diagram Analysis Tool (UML) image
2263 Jan 22, 2010 The SquAT tool identifies the conformance of UML sequence diagrams to predefined rules. These rules include consistency and completeness rules as well as ...  
71 Review, Static [Paid] CxDeveloper - Code Analysis Tool
1184 Jan 19, 2010 Software developers need the tools that will allow them to create and update their code quickly and accurately - and have historically be...  
70 Review, Static [Paid] Project Analyzer : Automated Code Review file
1160 Jan 06, 2010
Automated code review Detect dead code. Remove unused modules, procedures, variables, constants and controls. Decrease your .exe by up to 100s of kB. Dead code info Optimize. Find inefficient code....  
69 Review, Static [Free] PHP_CodeSniffer : Code Review for Coding Standard
1383 Dec 28, 2009 PHP_CodeSniffer is a PHP5 script that tokenises and "sniffs" PHP, JavaScript and CSS files to detect violations of a defined coding standard. It...  
68 Review, Static [Free] Spec Explorer 2010 : modeling software behavior, analyzing that behavior 1
1058 Dec 27, 2009 Spec Explorer 2010 is a tool that extends Visual Studio for modeling software behavior, analyzing that behavior by graphical visualization, model checking; and g...  
67 Review, Static [Free] Saikuro : Ruby cyclomatic complexity analyzer 2
1927 Dec 22, 2009 Saikuro is a Ruby cyclomatic complexity analyzer. When given Ruby source code Saikuro will generate a report listing the cyclomatic complexity of each method found. In addition...  
66 Review, Static [Free] PHP_Depend : Performs static code analysis file
1322 Dec 21, 2009 PHP_Depend is a small program that performs static code analysis on a given source base. Static code analysis means that PHP_Depend first takes the source code and parses i...  
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