The TapRooT짰 System has been proven by use around the world to find and fix the root causes of problems. TapRooT짰 Users rave about its accuracy and consistency. Now all the tools in the TapRooT짰 system are computerized in the TapRooT짰 Software.

The software follows the TapRooT짰 investigation flow; making it easy-to-use. TapRooT짰 trained individuals use the software to more efficiently find the root causes of problems, find effective solutions, present the solutions to management, get approvals, and track their fixes.


  • Incident Report Capabilities to allow your employees to report issues as they occur (Multi-user versions only)
  • Integration of all TapRooT짰 Techniques into one program:
    SnapCharT짰Root Cause Tree짰
    Equifactor짰Safeguards Analysis
    CHAPChange Analysis
    Corrective Action Helper짰
  • 21 CFR Part 11 (Electronic Signature) Compliance with security at the program, incident and technique level; unique user name/password per individual; audit trail; and signature documentation for signature events (Multi-user versions only)
  • Expanded Corrective Action Capabilities including schedule tracking of Implementation, Verification, & Validation and Email Notification of Responsibility
  • Expanded Search and Filter Capabilities
  • Unlimited Custom Fields for Flexible Data Collection
  • SQL database giving TapRooT짰 Enterprise capabilities
  • Additional Reports for Easier Documentation
  • New Root Cause Tree짰 Interface - Now the software and the paper-based Root Cause Tree짰s have the same look and feel
  • Proactive Audit database for tracking your analyses associated with proactive efforts
  • And Much Much More!
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