The TapRooT® System has been proven by use around the world to find and fix the root causes of problems. TapRooT® Users rave about its accuracy and consistency. Now all the tools in the TapRooT® system are computerized in the TapRooT® Software.

The software follows the TapRooT® investigation flow; making it easy-to-use. TapRooT® trained individuals use the software to more efficiently find the root causes of problems, find effective solutions, present the solutions to management, get approvals, and track their fixes.


  • Incident Report Capabilities to allow your employees to report issues as they occur (Multi-user versions only)
  • Integration of all TapRooT® Techniques into one program:
    SnapCharT®Root Cause Tree®
    Equifactor®Safeguards Analysis
    CHAPChange Analysis
    Corrective Action Helper®
  • 21 CFR Part 11 (Electronic Signature) Compliance with security at the program, incident and technique level; unique user name/password per individual; audit trail; and signature documentation for signature events (Multi-user versions only)
  • Expanded Corrective Action Capabilities including schedule tracking of Implementation, Verification, & Validation and Email Notification of Responsibility
  • Expanded Search and Filter Capabilities
  • Unlimited Custom Fields for Flexible Data Collection
  • SQL database giving TapRooT® Enterprise capabilities
  • Additional Reports for Easier Documentation
  • New Root Cause Tree® Interface - Now the software and the paper-based Root Cause Tree®s have the same look and feel
  • Proactive Audit database for tracking your analyses associated with proactive efforts
  • And Much Much More!