Ada-ASSURED is a powerful tool that ensures consistent coding style, prevents syntax errors, and provides productivity features for writing and reviewing Ada code. It features language-sensitive editing, automatic standards enforcement, high-quality pretty printing, and hypertext browsing in a single package. It can be used with any Ada compiler.

Automatic Enforcement of Coding Style

Ada-ASSURED enforces compliance with accepted Ada programming style rules, including those described in the Ada Language Reference Manual and the Ada Quality and Style Guidelines developed by the Software Productivity Consortium (SPC). Standards enforcement can be customized to meet individual or project requirements.

Pretty Printing

The Software Productivity Consortium used Ada-ASSURED to format all of the examples in the Ada Quality and Style Guidelines manual. Your code will look great, too. Ada-ASSURED's internal tree structure enables it to format code precisely. The SPC Guidelines for Ada formatting are used wherever possible, including horizontal spacing, indentation, alignment of declarations, alignment of parameter modes, number of statements per line, automatic naming of end statements and mode indication. Ada-ASSURED provides control over capitalization, even by syllable. For example, when "text_io" is typed in, Ada-ASSURED will automatically capitalize it as "Text_IO". Untouchable comments and freeform text allow special handling of comments and regions of code you want to format manually.


Ada-ASSURED's open architecture enables you to create custom tools or integrate it with existing tools to automate tasks. The power of Ada-ASSURED's scripting language comes from its structured internal representation of your code. Ada-ASSURED automatically categorizes each construct in your file. In contrast, if you use text-oriented tools like awk, sed, grep, or perl, you must do the categorization yourself. As a result, tasks performed with difficulty using a text-oriented tool are often much easier in Ada-ASSURED.

Optional Batch Processing: Ada-Utilities™

The optional batch processing module extends Ada-ASSURED's language-sensitive features for use in batch processing. Ada-ASSURED with the batch processing module becomes a programmable tool for analysis, formatting, transformation and standards enforcement of source code across multiple files. See the description of Ada-Utilities™ for more information.

Free Evaluation Copy

The best way to learn more about Ada-ASSURED is to try it. A free evaluation copy can be found here.