GrammaTech CodeSonar® performs whole-program, interprocedural source code analysis on your C/C++ code, identifying programming bugs that can result in system crashes, memory corruption, and other serious problems.

    * Run with the Best. CodeSonar is backed by years of research and is the most powerful source code analysis tool available for embedded development.
    * Take Control of Quality. CodeSonar pinpoints problems in your code that test cases miss. CodeSonar's SmashProof™ source code analysis, analyzes and executes code symbolically, detecting critical problems like buffer overruns, memory leaks, null-pointer dereferences, and uses of uninitialized variables. CodeSonar finds more serious defects than any other tool on the market.
    * Identify Trends and Recurring Problems. CodeSonar lets you manage and analyze results across your development team and, with its powerful analysis and visualization capabilities, you will have insight into code quality trends that are affecting your critical project.

CodeSonar works out of the box, requiring no changes to your existing build system or source code. Although it is easy to get started with CodeSonar, it has the power and flexibility to scale and adapt to your needs. CodeSonar can perform a whole-program analysis on over 10 million lines of source code. And, it includes numerous workflow automation features, including an API for custom integrations and support for extensions that add custom checks.