Orcanos QPack ALM Analytics gives you answers by providing a comprehensive, real-time view of your development projects.

Using QPack ALM Analytics gathers key information from all your development disciplines and processes, such as requirements, development and testing, and gives you critical insight that goes beyond schedule and tasks. Working over one repository allows ALM analytics to easily consolidate data points from each development discipline, and give you a real view on project progress.
The data is analyzed and delivered to the end user, in selected cases proactively, by presenting KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and analysis, using customizable dashboards and drillable reports. But just generating reports is only the first step. You get more than raw data. You get an in-depth view, comprehensively, in-context and visually. For example, analyzing the latency in delivering the latest version can show few possible causes, such as lack of test planning, high priority bugs on key features and poor requirements design. Using the customizable dashboards enable you to quickly see what you need, and helps you take accurate decisions, thus efficient your development process.

Using QPack ALM analytics allows you to see the big picture with the ability to drill down the data, and allows better monitoring on project progress, in all phases - definition, design, test and delivery.


More than a reporting tool the ALM analytics, provided by Orcanos and its QPack software can go below the surface. By using the Analytics on top of QPack repository QPack is powered with the most advance answer tool to support the ALM requirements and needs. Proactively either by push mode or pool mode there is always a way to find the cause for what you are looking for.



QPack KPI's


  Customer Defects Aging 
  Fix Rate Of Defects
  Reopen Defects breakdown by user
   Severity index

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