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EZ!Review is an integrated functional module of Easy!Flow that provides peer code review (code inspection) functionality. Studies show that peer review or inspection is the most effective and economical means to prevent errors from being introduced into a software system.


  • Easy to learn and use
  • Integration with version control – all files and their paths are automatically listed
  • Integrated with defect tracker and baseline management
  • Review can be enforced before code integration is allowed
  • A cost-effective means to improve product quality
  • Ready to meet regulatory peer code review (code inspection) requirements
  • For a review to be completed, all comments must properly be resolved
  • Moderator sign-off ensures every review quality has followed the organization's review policy
  • No hassle, no printed paper; it saves time and money


  • Review can be set as disabled, mandatory or optional (ticket by ticket basis)
  • Split-pane review window (old version next to modified version) with color highlighted code changes
  • Review requests automatically send email to reviewers and moderators
  • Three-level review comments – line, file and review levels
  • Other reviewers’ comments are shown simultaneously in a coherent thread
  • Code review history stored in a database available for any queries
  • Automatic emails and comment threads make the code review process collaborative