Software developers need the tools that will allow them to create and update their code quickly and accurately - and have historically been saddled with expensive static analysis tools that had high false positive rates and required significant consulting to integrate them into the development process.  Employing high performance in-memory code models and a purpose-built query language, CxDeveloper is the fastest, most accurate and most extensible static security analysis tool on the market. Key features include:
  • Low false positive rates - entire code path, from presentation back to root cause, is verified before it’s reported as a defect
  • Hundreds of “out of the box” queries - cover a wide range of vulnerability checks with virtually zero false-positives
  • Step by step wizards - guide developers through the process of analyzing the code to produce the most accurate and useful results
  • Integration with Visual Studio - allows audit, scanning and analysis activities to be executed from within the shell, while a complete standalone UI, as well as CLI capability, meets the needs of security auditors and constant integration environments
  • Customizable Queries - the built in query language is completely extensible and allows organizations to add, modify and group queries to meet their process and regulatory needs using their own resource