Internet Access Controller is a software program for controlling, blocking and restricting internet & network access.

Internet Access Controller is one the most effective and innovative internet and network security programs available. From blocking or allowing web sites, filtering ports and IP addresses to complete scheduling of user access to the web, Internet Access Controller has it all. It's new and unique internet security technology provides the business owner, parent, or organization the software for peace-of-mind. Compatible with all the latest browsers such as internet explorer, firefox, safari, netscape, google chrome etc...

Internet Access Controller - Screenshot

Key features

  • Single Master Password controls internet settings.
  • Password protect your internet connection.
  • Enable and disable Internet.
  • Filter internet content by website, ip address, port and program.
  • Automatic settings to restrict Internet access
  • Allow only specific websites or all websites
  • Block web sites
  • Limit internet access by schedule.
  • Restrict access to facebook, myspace, youtube, twitter etc...
  • Stop msn, yahoo, live, aol instant messanger (IM) abuse.
  • Internet timer, quota and schedule
  • Great for parental control or employee internet restriction.
  • Password protected uninstaller.
  • Businesses: Increase productivity by limiting inapporpriate web surfing.
  • Businesses: Only allow websites needed for daily tasks.

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