CakePHP/SimpleTest automated web testing: Can you share an example of some automated CakePHP SimpleTest web tests?
Sure, here's a quick look at how I've created a suite of CakePHP automated web tests using SimpleTest to perform integration testing on a new CakePHP web application.

The recipe for creating automated web tests in CakePHP is fairly simple:
    * Install SimpleTest
    * Create a class that extends CakeWebTestCase
    * Write your web tests
    * Run your web tests from a browser
    * Run your CakePHP web tests from the command line

The process of installing SimpleTest with CakePHP is covered on the CakePHP website, so I won't bother repeating that here. Instead what I'd like to do is share a large portion of my CakePHP web test class, and also show the URL to run my web/integration tests from the browser, and also run these same web tests from the command line.
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