100pulse :Website Monitoring and testing tool

Features Overview
Website Monitoring
For a website its responsible for receiving/sending HTTP requests/responses to the right people and serves all of your web page components. 100pulse website monitoring checks on your site regularly and monitor websites for downtime and response time.
Email server monitoring
Server Monitoring
100pulse Server monitoring service is used to monitor different protocols they are :
    * DNS server Monitoring
    * SMTP Monitoring
    * FTP server monitoring
    * SSH monitoring
    * Mysql server Monitoring
    * POP3 monitoring
    * IMAP monitoring
    * Port monitoring

Instant Notification
Get alerts within a fraction of second of an outage through Email, Gadgets, RSS Feed, SMS and Twitter alerts.
    * Email Alert
    * RSS Feed alert
    * iGoogle gadget
    * SMS Alert
    * Twitter alert

Uptime / Downtime Reports
Get periodical reports of website performance daily/weekly/monthly and the detailed statement of its uptime/downtime status.