LOGDIGGER The DREAM SOLUTION for Both Developers and Bug Testers

The solution comes in two parts, a FREE browser extension for you and unlimited testers, plus software installed on your server.

The Software Logdigger Server

This is the heart of the system, working with, rather than replacing, your existing bug-tracking software.

  • Downloadable installs on your own server
  • Collects and processes ALL data, to suit your current bug-tracking software
  • Works with Atlassian JIRA, Bugzilla, Mantis and Redmine
  • User login for session tracking
  • Feature-rich, detailed reports slash your development time!
  • 100% accuracy
  • Server logs available if using Java/Log4, PHP/FirePHP or Python/FirePython
  • FREE TRIAL now available!

The Browser Extension

The bug report form is accessible via a SINGLE CLICK in the user셲 browser

  • ALL ENVIRONMENTAL AND USAGE DATA IS CAPTURED AUTOMATICALLY, instantly letting you reproduce EXACTLY what happened where and when, thus WHY it happened
  • The application셲 web page is captured as a SCREENSHOT, easily annotated, and automatically attached to your report.
  • Recently entered FORM DATA is included!
  • Works with both Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • FREE for unlimited users and testers

What all this means is you or your development team are GUARANTEED to receive ALL the information you need with EVERY bug report!

You also crush the 쐔oo minor to mention bugs you might not bother with if you had to do all this manually, because LogDigger makes bug reporting push-button easy and accurate.

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