Site-Level Testing Site-Level Testing. Mogotest takes a holistic approach to page consistency testing, allowing you to spider your site as well as create individual page tests. Comparison Tools Comparison Tools. Whether you're aiming for pixel-perfect design or simply want to see how two browsers look relative to one another, we've got you covered.
Flexible Test Groups Flexible Test Groups. Create logical page groupings to target different areas of your site and help organize your testing plans. Scheduled Test Runs Test Scheduling. Schedule automatic test runs to alert you to code and view-level changes. We'll notify you via email or RSS.
Test History Test History. We track changes to your site as you run new tests, showing you how your code quality and UI change over time. API Access API Access. Easily integrate with your existing testing and deployment tools using our REST API.
Authentication Support Authentication. We support both HTTP Basic and cookie-based login systems, so you can index and test protected content. Review & Approval Review & Approval Collaborate with other team members and clients using our tools to note and report bugs and rendering inconsistencies. Coming soon.
Code Analysis Code Analysis. We validate your HTML and CSS, with support for browser-specific extensions and inline errors so you can find and fix problems quickly. Analytics Integration Analytics Integration. Got Google Analytics? Mogo plugs right in, allowing you to see what pages you need to pay attention to. Coming soon.

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