Marwein is a test tool for html pages. It offers a graphical interface to create an run test cases, as well as a "batch mode" for running tests via a shell script. Marwein is based on the Httpunit library.
screenshot of editor

Each test case consists of several "tasks" that are executed one after the other. Each task represents either a user interaction with the web page (e.g. ClickButton, FollowLink, FillForm) or some kind of test (e.g. RegexpMatcher, PageCheker).

The tasks are connected in the order they shall be executed. The example test on the screenshot will go to the page, fill the search field with some query string (in this case "marwein ujap") and then follow the link with th link text "Marwein" on the search results page. Finally it will check if the target page (which should be the marwein home page) contains the word "HomePage".

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