WebReplay is an IE plug-in for advanced web automation and testing. With WebReplay you can fill web forms, automate web applications and upload files, along with many other activities.

WebReplay contains powerful tools for web professionals, quality assurance engineers and developers who wish to automate repetitive tasks and test operations performed in the web browser. Fulfilling the needs of just about any kind web professional, WebReplay provides a very simple and intuitive interface that requires almost zero learning time, as well as an advanced scripting system for constructing complex web automation scenarios and tests.

WebReplay decouples your project-script from the layout of the page. When recording your actions, WebReplay creates ‘Controls’ (e.g. a web button) similar to an ‘object map’ or ‘GUI map’. Unlike other web automation tools, with WebReplay you don't have to constantly adapt and modify the script if the web page layout has changed.

The WebReplay work area consists of two distinct areas, one area where you organize your projects and another area where you view, run and modify your project.

Once you recorded a WebReplay project you can view it hierarchically in the Scene View or as plain script in the Script View. The Script View gives advanced users the option to enhance the recorded script by directly modifying the script.

Scene View

Script View

The Scene View is a hierarchial view of a project from the standpoint of the HTML Document object model where the root is the Project, its children are Pages and the children of the Pages are links, images, edit fields, etc.
The Script View is a text editor which shows the actual Visual Basic Script which is executed by WebReplay. You may edit the script, move lines around, change the values for the objects or add your own routines.


WebReplay offers an array of distinct and innovative features to fit the needs of today's web professionals, quality assurance engineers and developers.

Complete Web Automation
Supports automation of any repetitive web surfing task - from filling forms to automating Flash applets. WebReplay's advanced web automation features provide an invaluable toolset for web professionals, quality assurance engineers and developers.

Enables web site functional and regression testing
WebReplay's innovative interface and easy scripting allows you to create complex scenario testing within a few clicks.

Integrates with IEWatch for automated HTTP logging
WebReplay integrates seamlessly with our flagship product IEWatch. You can easily gather advanced HTTP logs of your automated testing and use IEWatch to analyze them further.

Works with Flash, Java and ActiveX applets
WebReplay's powerful automation engine goes beyond simple web pages. Even if your website or web application contains Flash, Java applets, or ActiveX Controls WebReplay can work with them as well.

Doesn't require any programming knowledge
WebReplay provides an almost zero learning curve. The User Interface is so intuitive and simple that you can start using WebReplay like a professional in just a few minutes!

Ability to use scripting language to enhance the solutions
While WebReplay is extremely simple to use, it does not stop you from creating advanced solutions. Use WebReplay's Script window to enhance the recorded script, or add your own custom actions.

Command wizard for easy script generation
For advanced users, WebReplay contains the Command Wizard which takes away the painful process of writing simple command scripts. Let the Command Wizard generate the common script for you, and you can focus on the code that really matters to you.

You can organize projects into folders
WebReplay allows you to organize all your projects into folders.

The playback speed is configurable
You can configure the playback speed for WebReplay scripts, allowing to save time on completely automated tests, and for visual monitoring on user controlled tests.

A project can be set to run multiple times
For ease of testing, WebReplay allows you to set how many times you want to run the project. This is a big time saver for regressive tests.

Input Table to easily enter or import data
Often large amounts of data needs to entered on to the test page, and for that we have the Input Table - a spreadsheet which allows you to abstract values in your scripts and replace them with values entered in the Input Table.

Includes an integrated debugger to set breakpoints, step through code and evaluate and modify variables
WebReplay contains all the debugging tools professional developers have come to rely on. With features like set breakpoints, step through code, and modification of variables during runtime allows you great flexibility and instant results.

Community for sharing scripts
Community features that provide an extensive library of projects and scripts to turbo charge your own development. Download scripts shared by your peers or upload your own.