Call center testing and performance monitoring to assure the quality of your customers’ experience

An automated solution for testing the quality of call center applications, Hammer Test System provides a thorough approach to acceptance, regression and load testing of your call center applications. Hammer Test System verifies operational performance under real-world call traffic conditions prior to the deployment of any new or upgraded application—giving you confidence that your call center will perform properly when customers call.

The Hammer Test System is a total hardware and software solution consisting of:
  • Hammer CallMaster for test development, debug, scheduling and reporting
  • Hammer G5™ or Hammer FX-TDM™ for call generation to test VoIP and TDM systems

Hammer Test System provides the capability to build your test scripts with the graphical tool set available in Hammer CallMaster. You can create scripts to test simple DTMF applications or test dynamic prompt and speech recognition systems. Once the script is built, the Hammer G5 or Hammer FX solution sends thousands of calls to load and stress test the system or application. The software tool also provides the capability to verify one-way voice quality. Finally, you have the ability to record test calls to pinpoint exactly where a problem is occurring during a test.

With Hammer Test System for call centers, you can:
  • Ensure that your applications have been properly engineered to meet current and future performance requirements
  • Monitor, detect and measure configuration errors, resource problems, IVR and PBX/ACD prompt errors, IVR/Host response times, database response times and other performance issues
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Identify and correct problems prior to production