MVT - Matrix Visual Tester

As its name suggests, MVT is a visual testing tool based on Matrix. However, MVT is only a limited prototype. For example, MVT currently does not visualize the execution history in any other way than stepping back and forth as in Matrix.

MVT visualizes the state of a running Java program (which we will refer to as the debuggee). Most of this state consists of the data structures of the program. This places MVT firmly in the domain of program visualization even though Matrix is primarily designed for algorithm visualization.

MVT also allows the user to modify data values in the debuggee, invoke methods (including constructors) and start and stop the execution of the debuggee and the individual threads in it. In other words, MVT allows the user to manipulate a Java virtual machine (JVM) and arbitrary Java classes in much the same way Matrix on its own allows the user to manipulate data structures implemented specifically for Matrix.