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Anyone, no matter the level of expertise, can take advantage of the power and functionality of an industry leader without the burdensome QTP interface. Add a true keyword-based interface with the industry-proven 쐏oint-and-click interface, which makes the creation and maintenance of automated tests simpler.

Test More
  • TMXqt provides a true keyword-based interface for your QTP꽓 installation. This means all of your test team can generate complete QTP꽓 executable tests.
Test Better
  • Quickly and effectively create keyword actions that mimic your business practices that can be used by all of your QA team.
  • 쏶pread the wealth of your best automation engineers through customized keyword actions.
  • Share with team members봀ommon framework for your testing process with a shared network database of test cases, data, and results, producing shared standard scripts and functions.
Test Faster
  • Simultaneous script production볿uild test scripts from requirements in parallel with code development. No longer do you have to wait until the code is completed to start producing automated scripts.
  • Build your object tree in TMXqt quickly by importing the QTP꽓 Object Repository.
And for Less
  • Reduce license and maintenance costs볾llow multiple seats of TMXqt for each QTP license.
  • Easy to use for anyone볾llow non-programmers to become effective in creating and maintaining automated tests without expensive, time-consuming technical training.
  • Use QA resources more effectively and efficiently봆et your business and QA analysts involved in the creation, execution, and maintenance of automated tests.
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