SymbioWare SymbioTeam is an on-demand, easy-to-use, powerful solution for automated functional and regression testing of Web, Windows desktop, and mainframe applications. It provides the fastest way to create automated tests in plain English with no programming or scripting skills required.

The built-in keyword-based and data-driven modular test structure minimizes future maintenance as your project evolves and changes over time.

SymbioTeam's plain English test development approach lets you focus on testing rather than programming by providing the most intuitive test case interface and the best out-of-the-box support for automated test generation.

The easy to use, on-demand test development and execution environment reduces test cycle times by enabling you to quickly and efficiently run automated tests from anywhere without having to go through extensive training or learn complex test case creation techniques.

Overall, SymbioTeam Improves application quality by allowing you to effectively leverage automated functional and regression testing to increase test coverage and perform more extensive validation.

Automated Testing Features

  • Smart Test Editor provides the fastest and easiest way to create automated tests for Web and Windows applications in plain English through a point-and-click intuitive graphical user interface, with no programming skills required.
  • Advanced Web GUI Explorer discovers and captures graphical objects built with HTML, AJAX, and Flash. It uses Document Object Model (DOM) to discover GUI objects in the Web AUT.
  • Web Recorder records test scenarios and plays them back directly in the browser.
  • JavaScript Advanced Support extends a wide set of predefined functions and gives you the flexibility to handle a wide array of testing challenges, using a standard programming environment.
  • AJAX and Rich Web Application Support enables automation of the most complex Web applications and associated technologies.
  • Built-in Selenium Support allows preserving your investment into Selenium, while also enhancing and extending Selenium scripts with SymbioTeam native features.
  • Test Data Tables Wizard simplifies the creation of data-driven tests so you can leverage data sources to drive your automated tests.
  • Comprehensive Notification and Reporting provides data on test case execution, including the performance data for each step, screen shots where possible, error information, and a reference to the executed test instruction.
  • Distributed Agent Technology provides the most accurate user simulation. It offers the granularity needed for a single pass/fail measurement of a truly distributed transaction.
  • The OneTest Approach allows you to use the same automation tests, without modification, for functional and regression testing, load and performance testing, and application monitoring.

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