Some key features:

  • Log Import - automatically import log files during test and display them alongside the movie, allowing a developer to see what was happening on the desktop and in the application.
  • Integration Support - automatically upload bug reports to issue-tracking systems.
  • Real Time Operation embeds local time into the recording, allowing a user to jump to any time during playback.
  • Notes Support make quick notes during recording that appear in playback.
  • Projects - define projects with common configuration settings.
  • Thumbnail Navigation / Activity Monitor - browse thumbnails taken from the movie of specific events, such as application activation, mouse clicks etc.
  • API - BB TestAssistant provides a COM and EXE API for users to automatically start / stop recordings.
  • Remove Inactive Periods - identify and remove periods of inactivity within a movie.
  • Auto-Pause - option to only record periods of time while the mouse or keyboard is being used.
  • Hide Other Processes - security / data protection feature which restricts BB TestAssistant to record only a specific set of processes.
  • Add Watermark - to show copyright or movie source.
  • Export to Word - mark important points in a movie, add notes, then produce a Word doc containing screenshots of all these points perfect for making test scripts.
  • Export Notes / Markers to XML / Text - allowing testers to automate connections between notes and movie data.
  • Simple API for Upload and Publishing - making it easy for developers to integrate BB TestAssistant 3.0 with bug-tracking systems.
  • Minimise Movie File Size - setup BB TestAssistant to make recordings at speeds as low as 1 frame per second.

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