Vibz Automation Framework is an infrastructure that provides the solution where different tools can plug itself and do their job in an unified manner. Hence providing a common platform to the automation engineer doing their job.

  • Data driven architecture: The framework architecture is designed such that the test driving instructions can be scripted into a flat Xml files. This level of abstractions provides functional QA's to focus more on test functionality rather looking into the complexities of under-lying tool. 
  • Quick Automation using Vibz Automation Studio: Team working on unified framework can have their 100 percent concentration on writing the functional aspect of the application. Vibz automation comes with a Automation Studio which provides single point of writing, building, configuring and testing automation script. In a distibuted architectural system team can work on a single automation project yet on seperate feature of it. They can very well maintain the source repository the way the application developers do.
  • Quick setup on Execution Environment: To execute the automation script, the execution environment just need to have installed framework and the build output. Vibz Automation Framework offers the necessary runtime components to execute an automation script which was developed using Vibz Automation Studio. Build scripts is a single flat file generated after collating data from various test files. This build file can easily be ported or executed on any remote system provided the the framework is installed on it.
  • Scheduling of Build script: Although the process is automated, there is a need to initiate the execution. The framework has gone a step ahead to provide a facility to schedule your script execution at some regular interval or criteria fulfilment. This is useful in case of running a bot to crowl a site or starting a testing process when a new build arives. This is yet another open end where the framework can be extended to provide your own custom scheduling. One can have as many sheduled event running in parallel.
  • Support for Globalization: With the extensible macro feature, globalization can easily be achived by writing a language converter macro function (say translate(LANG_CODE)) and use it instead of hardcoded data.
  • Easy of scripting: With Automation Studio in place a script writer need not worry about knowing bunch of instructions and their syntax. Any module on getting registered to the framework will have its instructions available in instruction dictionary. During scripting the studio provides the context sensitive help.