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[Free] Freeware testing tool, [Paid] Commercial testing tool
Total Articles 224
224 Unit, Debug [Free] Micro : a lightweight Open Source AutoIt unit testing framework 1
1390 Jan 08, 2013 Micro is a lightweight Open Source AutoIt unit testing framework written in AutoIt, for AutoIt. Micro using a simple and natural unit testing syntax.  
223 Unit, Debug [Free] Ahven - Unit Testing Library for Ada Programming Language 2 1
878 Jun 02, 2012
Ahven is a simple unit test library (or a framework) for Ada programming language. It is loosely modelled after JUnit and some ideas are taken from AUnit. Ahven is free software distributed under permis...  
222 Unit, Debug [Free] BMOCK : C++ Mock Objects Testing tool 1
1198 Mar 13, 2012
BMOCK is a C++ library supporting Mock Objects. Lets you create mocks for C functions and member functions - including constructors and destructors. Supports dynamic mocking: In each test you can decide...  
221 Unit, Debug [Free] Enhance PHP : PHP unit testing framework
2408 Sep 26, 2011
Enhance PHP is a unit testing framework with built in mocks and stubs. The framework is a single PHP file that you include in your project. You can test global functions or PHP classes. Download : ...  
220 Unit, Debug [Paid] ObjexxFCL: Objexx Fortran Compatibility Library
1834 May 30, 2011 The ObjexxFCL is a C++ library that provides Fortran-compatible array, string, formatted i/o, and intrinsic function support for Fortran-to-C++ migrations and some additio...  
219 Unit, Debug [Paid] ObjexxFTK: Objexx Fortran Unit Testing Tool
1885 May 30, 2011 The ObjexxFTK is a set of Fortran packages that provides support for modern development methodologies with Fortran and that extends some Fortran 95 services. The Objex...  
218 Unit, Debug [Free] OllyDbg : Debugger for Microsoft Windows
2251 May 11, 2011
http://www.ollydbg.d-e/ OllyDbg is a 32-bit assembler level analysing debugger for Microsoft Windows Intuitive user interface, no cryptical commands Code analysis - traces registers, recognizes procedures, loops...  
217 Unit, Debug [Free] ModelJUnit : Model-Based Testing Tool
3509 May 09, 2011 ModelJUnit is a Java library that extends JUnit to support model-based testing. Models are extended finite state machines that are written in a familiar and ex...  
216 Unit, Debug [Free] cutee : C++ Unit Testing Tool
2027 May 03, 2011
Download : http://www.codesink.-org/cutee_unit_testi-ng.html#download Cutee is the acronym of C++ Unit Testing Easy Environment and it's (guess what?) a tool to handle unit testing. Unit testing is not very f...  
215 Unit, Debug [Free] CU : C Unit Testing Framework
2117 May 03, 2011
Download : CU is simple unit testing framework for handling automated tests in C. CU provides a simple interface for defining unit tests using macros. Each test suite ru...  
214 Unit, Debug [Free] Dragonfly : development and debugging tool
1464 Apr 18, 2011 Opera Dragonfly is a full-featured development and debugging tool integrated into the Opera browser. It requires no additional installation or setup, and works across many of ...  
213 Unit, Debug [Free] JUCA : JUnit Coverage Analyzer
1414 Apr 11, 2011
http://sourceforge.n-et/projects/juca/ JUCA stands for "JUnit Coverage Analyzer". It is a tool which performs a static analysis of your java class files and determines which methods of your classes are (potentia...  
212 Unit, Debug [Free] CPUnit : C++ unit test framework
1959 Apr 04, 2011
http://sourceforge.n-et/projects/cpunit/ C++ unit test framework, allowing you to write test with a minimum of effort. Scales to large projects with thousands of tests. Supports suites and running of subsets of...  
211 Unit, Debug [Free] CallbackParams : Maintainable Parameterized Tests for JUnit
2044 Apr 04, 2011 CallbackParams is a JUnit add-on that offers elegant and maintainable patterns for parameterized testing. It was originally intended as a mean to quickly reach reasonable test...  
210 Unit, Debug [Free] DUnit : Unit testing tool for Delphi code
2268 Mar 29, 2011
http://sourceforge.n-et/projects/dunit/ DUnit automates unit testing of Delphi code. The target audience for DUnit is developers who are both writing the code to be tested and the unit tests for that ...  
209 Unit, Debug [Free] Eric : Python IDE for debugging and Unit Testing
1858 Mar 29, 2011
Download : http://sourceforge.n-et/projects/eric-ide/files/eric5/stab-le/5.1.0/ Eric is a Python IDE written using PyQt and QScintilla. It provides various features such as any number of o...  
208 Unit, Debug [Paid] Probability and Statistics for Delphi
1243 Mar 07, 2011
Demo : This suite consists of six packages: Statistics, Discrete Probability, Standard Probability Distributions, Curve Fitting, Hypothesis Testing, ...  
207 Unit, Debug [Free] Google C++ Testing Framework : Unit testing tool 1
2061 Mar 03, 2011 Google's framework for writing C++ tests on a variety of platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Cygwin, Windows CE, and Symbian). Based on the xUnit architecture. Suppo...  
206 Unit, Debug [Free] Fast C XUnit Test (FCTX) : Unit Testing for C and C++
4330 Mar 03, 2011 Fast C XUnit Test (FCTX) is a lightweight, cross platform, header-only framework for quick generation of x-unit tests in C and C++. Include a header and start typing ou...  
205 Unit, Debug [Paid] QualityLogic XPS eXaminer : Analyze and manipulate XPS for Testing
1297 Feb 17, 2011 QualityLogic XPS eXaminer is a tool for developers and test engineers working with XPS. This essential, timesaving tool allows you to analyze ...  
204 Unit, Debug [Free] cfcUnit : ColdFusion Unit Testing Framework
1496 Feb 07, 2011
http://www.cfcunit.o-rg/cfcunit/index.cfm- cfcUnit is a unit testing framework that is derived from the JUnit framework available for Java.  
203 Unit, Debug [Free] Binary Analysis Tool (BAT) : binary code testing tool 1
1989 Feb 07, 2011 The Binary Analysis Tool (BAT) makes it easier and cheaper to look inside binary code, find compliance issues, and reduce uncertainty when deploying Free and Open S...  
202 Unit, Debug [Free] Systir : System Testing In Ruby 1
1137 Jan 24, 2011 Systir enables the creation of a domain specific testing language which in turn can be used to describe and execute automated system/acceptance tests to help realize the ...  
201 Unit, Debug [Free] CppUTest : C /C++ based unit xUnit test framework for unit testing
2871 Jan 24, 2011
http://www.cpputest.-org/ CppUTest is a C /C++ based unit xUnit test framework for unit testing and for test-driving your code. It is written in C++ but is used in C and C++ projects and freq...  
200 Unit, Debug [Free] Debugging Tools for Windows 32-bit Version
2186 Jan 10, 2011
download : The Debugging Tools for Windows 32-bit version is now available as a standalone component from the Windows Software Development Kit (Windows SDK). ...  
199 Unit, Debug [Free] tInspector : a new flash visual debug tool 1 image
1381 Dec 27, 2010 tInspector is a new as3 based open source project, you can explorer the swf display structure at run time with it.  
198 Unit, Debug [Free] Xdebug : Debug tool for PHP 1 image
1641 Dec 27, 2010
Download : http://www.xdebug.or-g/download.php The Xdebug extension helps you debugging your script by providing a lot of valuable debug information. The debug information that Xdebug can provide includes ...  
197 Unit, Debug [Free] hibernatemock : Unit testing tool 1
1511 Dec 17, 2010 Fancy way to test Criteria and HQL Full fill the objects tree with dummy values. Generate values according with jsr303/hibernate-validator annotations. Doesn't matter ...  
196 Unit, Debug [Free] Debuggy : Windows debugger
2150 Dec 13, 2010 Debuggy is a Windows debugger, disassembler, Windows resource extractor, file hex editor, window sniffer and API spy all rolled into one.  
195 Unit, Debug [Free] Feed4JUnit : write parameterized tests for the JUnit framework 1
2607 Dec 06, 2010 Feed4JUnit makes it easy to write parameterized tests for the JUnit framework and feed them with predefined or random test data. It enables you to improve your testing ...  
194 Unit, Debug [Free] York Extensible Testing Infrastructure (YETI) : random testing tools 1 image
2032 Dec 06, 2010
http://www.yetitest.-org/ The York Extensible Testing Infrastructure (YETI) aims at providing a tool for automated random testing tools for several programming languages (including Java). The project is currently...  
193 Unit, Debug [Free] Nemiver : Linux Debugger image
2484 Dec 02, 2010 Nemiver is a project to write a standalone graphical debugger that integrates in the GNOME desktop. It features a backend which uses the well known GNU Debugger GDB to ...  
192 Unit, Debug [Free] EPF Composer : tool for authoring development method content and publishing processes 1 image
3918 Nov 30, 2010 EPF Composer is an open source tool for authoring development method content and publishing processes (such as software development, systems engineering, ent...  
191 Unit, Debug [Free] CGDB : GNU Debugger (GDB)
1592 Nov 29, 2010
Download : CGDB is a curses (terminal-based) interface to the GNU Debugger (GDB). Its goal is to be lightweight and responsive; not encumbered with unnecessary feat...  
190 Unit, Debug [Free] Nunit 2.5.8 : unit-testing framework for all .Net languages 1 file
1647 Nov 22, 2010
ph梳쬷 m沼걅 Nunit phi챗n b梳즢 2.5.8 d첫ng 휃沼 test code vi梳퓍 b沼웙 visual Studio,... NUnit is a unit-testing framework for all .Net languages. Initially ported from JUnit, the current production release,...  
189 Unit, Debug [Free] DDD : Data Display Debugger
1715 Nov 19, 2010
http://sourceforge.n-et/projects/ddd/ DDD is a graphical front-end for command-line debuggers such as GDB, DBX, WDB, Ladebug, JDB, XDB, the Perl debugger, the bash debugger, or the Python debugger. DDD di...  
188 Unit, Debug [Free] API Monitor : Testing API calls in Windows application 1 image
1260 Nov 19, 2010
http://www.rohitab.c-om/apimonitor API Monitor is a free software that monitors and displays API calls made by applications and services. Its a powerful tool for seeing how applications and services work ...  
187 Unit, Debug [Free] DebugView : window debugging tool for testing
1608 Nov 19, 2010
Download : DebugView is an application that lets you monitor debug output on your local system, or any computer on the network that you can reach via TC...  
186 Unit, Debug [Free] C Unit Tester (CUT) : C Unit Testing Tool 1
1985 Nov 16, 2010 CUT is designed to aid the C(-like) programmer in implementing unit or programmer tests, primarily to facilitate test-driven (and related) development practices.  
185 Unit, Debug [Free] Flash Player Dubgging Tool 2 image
1522 Nov 01, 2010
Windows Download the Windows Flash Player 10.1 ActiveX control content debugger (for IE) (EXE, 2.93 MB) Download the Windows Flash Player 10.1 Plugin content debugger (for Netscape-compatible ...  
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