You may have already noticed in the Beta 2 version of Team Foundation Server that the Agile guidance looks quite a bit different. The RC content is up and I wanted to call it out because it’s alot different than anything you’ll have seen before. I’d love to get your feedback. We still have a ways to go here long term, but I think the content is alot cooler than previous releases, in terms of valuable content.

Agile Guidance

The first thing you’ll notice is that when you connect to guidance, it’s up on MSDN. Those of you who are loyal TFS fans will remember that in 2008 the guidance was hosted on SharePoint. Moving it up to MSDN cut 40% off project create times in TFS by elimiinating a huge file copy. It also allows us to publish updates off-cycle pretty easily using the MSDN system. Finally, we’re now in a tight partnership with our own doc team (all this guidance used to be written through the product teams and P&P without the doc team’s involvement). I think this partnership has really resulted in some great readability, solid content and alot better flow from WHY you’re doing something into exactly HOW to do it in TFS… would love your thoughts.

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