The attachment (17 pages, over 150 Questions with complete answers and description)
 is CSQE original Quiz of two years .... with their solution/answers.
It is useful for all those who want to take the exam of CSQE certification. The attached quiz can help them to evaluate them and self-assess their preparation prior to the exam.
Good Luck with Certification.
  1. [2011/07/04] Certified Software Quality Engineer - CSQE by jamasean ()
  2. [2011/08/03] CSQA, CSQE vs CSQE by new2011 ()
  3. [2011/12/07] CSQE Online Glossary for certificaiton by Jeremia ()
  4. [2011/04/04] CSQE (Certified Software Quality Engineer) Handbook *1 by moroni ()
  5. [2011/03/28] CSQE Exam Preparation by moroni ()

Software Testing is Positively Negative Art.

Syed M. Rizwan Jafri
SQA Engineer
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