1. General Knowledge
2. Software Quality Management
3. Software Engineering Processes
4. Program and Project Management
5. Software Metrics, Measurement, and
Analytical Methods
6. Software Verification and Validation
7. Configuration Management

likely to be included on the exam, ideas about interpreting the BOK to pass the exam, and specific test taking techniques. This is all based upon my experience and understanding of the material, the history of the CSQE BOK, ASQ certification policies and procedures, and feedback from other CSQEs. I do not have any special insider information about the BOK, exam materials, or the exam itself. Students earning their CSQE do so based upon their own knowledge and capabilities. The class does help substantially improve the chances of passing the exam by reviewing the technical material, explaining vocabulary, setting expectations, and providing techniques for maximizing scores and making the best use of the examination time.As a result of combining information from the formal BOK with experience, students from prior classes have reported learning very practical, real world concepts immediately applicable to their work. Past students have also achieved a pass rate on the CSQE Exam morethan double the overall National pass rate.

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