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Total Articles 8,311
8311 Test Automate Types of Automated Tests and Some Misconceptions About Test Automation
30 Mar 28, 2015
In this second part of test automation tutorials series, I will briefly describe the types of automated tests and then most importantly I will clear some misconceptions about test automation. Types of ...  
8310 Test Automate The Ultimate Guide to Start Automation Testing on Your Project 1
67 Mar 24, 2015
Do you want to learn automation testing but struggling with the most basic questions? Today, we are starting a ultimate series of tutorials on 쏥etting started with Automation Testing. In is series we ...  
8309 White Box White Box Testing
28 Mar 24, 2015
What is a White Box Testing Strategy? White box testing strategy deals with the internal logic and structure of the code. White box testing is also called as glass, structural, open box or clear bo...  
8308 Test Plan Test Strategy and Test Plan image
52 Mar 24, 2015
TEST STRATEGYtest-strategy-vs-test-plan A Test Strategy document is a high level document and normally developed by project manager. This document defines 쏶oftware Testing Approach to achieve testing ...  
8307 Test Automate 7 Deadly Sins of Test Automation image
27 Mar 24, 2015
7 DEADLY SINS OF TEST AUTOMATION Automated Testing is great. You can run hundreds of tests with a click of a button and get a quick feedback on the health of the system. You can find regress...  
8306 Agile, Scrum Overview of Scrum Agile Development Methodology image
45 Mar 24, 2015
WHAT IS SCRUM? Scrum is an agile development methodology for managing and completing projects. It is a way for teams to work together to achieve a set of common goals. Scrum is an iterative and incr...  
8305 Performance Load Test image
43 Mar 18, 2015
Load Test Load testing is a kind of performance testing which determines a system셲 performance under real-life load conditions. This testing helps determine how the application behaves when multi...  
8304 Metrics Software Metrixs image
42 Mar 18, 2015
What is Software Metric? Measurement is nothing but quantitative indication of size / dimension / capacity of an attribute of a product / process. Software metric is defined as a quantitative...  
8303 Black Box Manual Testing and Black box Testing file
76 Mar 18, 2015
Black box testing is a software testing techniques in which functionality of the software under test (SUT) is tested without looking at the internal code structure, implementation details and knowledge ...  
8302 Bug, Defect Bug Life Cycle Diagram file
85 Mar 18, 2015
Hi, I found this Bug Life Cycle Diagram. It is clearly explained how bug life cycle process. Anu  
8301 General Sample RTM for Loan Process 1 file
83 Mar 18, 2015
Hi,This RTM doc will help for loan Process. Anu  
8300 Performance Virtual table server and its use in loadrunner 1 file
58 Mar 16, 2015
Virtual table server and its use in loadrunner Dilemma Dilemma ! Your LoadRunner scripts are complete but Your LoadRunner scripts are complete but issues arise running the scenario " Lack of sufficient volumes ...  
8299 Performance Load runner Components and its basics file
52 Mar 16, 2015
Automation Use of test tools. Can help test team to repeat test Scenario셲. Why Automation? Some test scenario셲 like stress and load testing are difficult to simulate manually. Impressed a...  
8298 General List of Various Software Testing & QA Certifications
56 Mar 16, 2015
The Software Industry emerged with main focus on development, issues pertaining to Database and Network. With the advancement and complexity in Software, one realizes the need of a crucial intermedi...  
8297 Manual Testing frameworks 1 file
93 Mar 14, 2015
Automation Framework is a set of guidelines and process you use to manage and optimize your automation testing. In simple words, Framework is a way to do the things in fashioned and organized manner!. It's al...  
8296 Mobile, Embed 10 Open Source Mobile Test Automation Tools image
62 Mar 13, 2015
Here is a list of top ten open source mobile test automation tools to allow you to automate mobile apps and mobile web. Some open source tools for mobile automation can be used for both Android and...  
8295 General Facebook셲 No Testing Department Approach: An Interview with Simon Stewart
52 Mar 13, 2015
Simon Stewart digs into his company셲 shocking approach to testing, which is that they don셳 have a testing department. He also talks about the challenges and pressure that comes along with producing s...  
8294 General Why Would You Want To Automate a Test?
75 Mar 12, 2015
Why would you automate a test? What benefits do we get with test automation? Quite often when people get involved in automated testing, their main focus shifts from designing good tests to ensuring th...  
8293 Agile, Scrum Why Risk Based Testing is Important in Agile Projects image
66 Mar 12, 2015
RISK BASED TESTING IN AGILErisk-based-testing In previous article, we looked at Why Exploratory Testing is Important in Agile Projects. In this article, Dave Higgins explains why short SDLCs in...  
8292 General Top 8 Open Source Bug Tracking Tools image
67 Mar 12, 2015
OPEN SOURCE BUG TRACKING TOOLSA bug tracking system or defect tracking system is a software application that keeps track of reported software bugs in software development projects. It may be regarded...  
8291 Manual Testing Manual Testing Docs file
192 Mar 07, 2015
Hi Guys, I am Sharing the Entire Manual Testing Document. It is a procedure to develop the software. It is a process of creating or altering systems and the models and methodologies that people use to ...  
8290 Manual Testing Real time Questions
92 Mar 07, 2015
1.Functional testing 2.Integration (stub and driver) 3.Reliablity testing 4.Recovery testing 5.Regression (Unit , Regional ,Full Regression) testing related to project 6.Compatibility testing 7.STLC 8.Defec...  
8289 General How to recognise Improvement Culture in an organisation?
63 Mar 06, 2015
To continue surviving in the face of competition, new clients and new technologies, and the new environment, one must renew / change / improve all the time. Yesterday I went to my bank to dep...  
8288 General Manual Testing Concepts file
154 Mar 04, 2015
1 Software Quality: Technical Factors: Meet customer requirements in terms of Functionality Meet customer expectations in terms of Performance, Usability, Security, etc Non-Technical Factors: Reasonable c...  
8287 General Software Testing - ISO Standards file
79 Mar 04, 2015
Many organizations around the globe develop and implement different standards to improve the quality needs of their software. This chapter briefly describes some of the widely used standards related to...  
8286 General Software Testing - Estimation Techniques file
80 Mar 04, 2015
Estimating the efforts required for testing is one of the major and important tasks in SDLC. Correct estimation helps in testing the software with maximum coverage. This section describes some of the ...  
8285 General myths about software testing file
63 Mar 04, 2015
Given below are some of the most common myths about software testing. Myth 1 : Testing is Too Expensive Reality : There is a saying, pay less for testing during software development or pay more for main...  
8284 General Software Testing file
65 Mar 04, 2015
This section describes the different types of testing that may be used to test a software during SDLC. Manual Testing Manual testing includes testing a software manually, i.e., without using any automated tool o...  
8283 General Usability Testing Approaches 1 file
98 Mar 02, 2015
Usability Testing Approaches Usability requirements are not always testable & cannot be measured accurately. Classic non-testable requirement: "System must be user-friendly." But think about this User fr...  
8282 General Defect Trends report in Software Testing file
76 Mar 02, 2015
Defect Trends report in Software Testing The Defect Trends report calculates a rolling average of the number of bugs that the team has opened, resolved, and closed based on the filters that you ...  
8281 General Practical Software Testing Tips to become a Smart Software Tester 2 file
118 Mar 02, 2015
Practical Software Testing Tips to become a Smart Software Tester. Sometime back, I was searching for 쏶oftware Testing Tips, 쏦ow to become a smart software Tester, 쏷ips for Software Testers, etc...  
8280 General All You Need To Know About Web Apps Security Testing 1 file
80 Mar 02, 2015
All You Need To Know About Web Apps Security Testing For those who are doing business in 21st century, automation is the name of the game! Of course, web apps bring flexibility for the businesses ...  
8279 General What if outstanding defect count is high and software production push date is near? file
52 Mar 02, 2015
What if outstanding defect count is high and software production push date is near? My this article is in response to a linkedin question "What to do when we are out of time, application is not ...  
8278 Agile, Scrum Why Do Managers Hate Agile? 1
[Level:28]Sky Driver
100 Mar 02, 2015
Why don셳 Agile and management get along? In a poll last Wednesday of some 400 people working in many different firms where the practices known as Agile and Scrum are being implemented, 88% reporte...  
8277 Agile, Scrum The Corporate Agile Idiot image
[Level:28]Sky Driver
73 Mar 02, 2015
Did I get your attention? Were you offended by the word Idiot? Good! Sometimes, change can only come when we are disturbed. Hearing the stuff you want to hear i.e. "yeah that's ok, we need to ...  
8276 Agile, Scrum What Makes a Good Agile Tester?
[Level:28]Sky Driver
103 Mar 02, 2015
Testing in an agile environment is different that the traditional methodologies such as waterfall. Agile is an iterative model of delivery which requires continuous collaboration between the team membe...  
8275 General Can You Really Automate a User Journey? image
[Level:28]Sky Driver
58 Mar 02, 2015
automating-user-journey Automating user journeys is an important activity during the development of a system because as the system evolves, we need to ensure that core business functionality is not broken as ...  
8274 General Who Should Set Defect Priority 1 file
95 Feb 28, 2015
Who Should Set Defect Priority Surprisingly, defect priority should not be set by QA. QA are generally the owners of the defect tracking system and control it, but this is one attribute that they s...  
8273 General Severity and Priority file
74 Feb 28, 2015
Severity and Priority Both Severity and Priority are attributes of a defect and should be provided in the bug report. This information is used to determine how quickly a bug should be fixed. Severi...  
8272 General Why You Need Female Testers on Your Team file
124 Feb 28, 2015
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExp-lorer4 There is a great deal of conversation around the lack of female represen...  
8271 General No Such Thing As Negative Testing? file
65 Feb 28, 2015
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExp-lorer4 No Such Thing As Negative Testing? 쏻hat is Negative Testing? Thi...  
8270 General Defect Clustering in Software Testing file
48 Feb 28, 2015
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExp-lorer4 Defect Clustering in Software Testing ...  
8269 General 11 Ways You Know You셱e a Tester..
73 Feb 27, 2015
Some specific characteristics of a REAL TESTER, from my pen - You know you셱e a tester when a bug seen but not reproduced, makes you sleepless. Here are 10 more such ways to know you셱e a tester. ...  
8268 General Slide gi沼쌻 thi沼뇎 m沼쯢 휃沼, ph튼퉤ng ph찼p k沼 thu梳춗, test casev沼 Ki沼긩 th沼 ph梳쬷 m沼걅 c沼쬪 NIICS file
[Level:5]id: chimen
1059 Feb 27, 2015
N沼셢 dung: - C찼c m沼쯢 휃沼 ki沼긩 th沼 - C찼c ph튼퉤ng ph찼p/k沼 thu梳춗 ki沼긩 th沼 - Testcase - Th梳즣 lu梳춏  
8267 General Slide gi沼쌻 thi沼뇎 kh찼i ni沼뇅 v沼 Ki沼긩 th沼 ph梳쬷 m沼걅 c沼쬪 NIICS file
[Level:5]id: chimen
83 Feb 27, 2015
N沼셢 d沼쩸g: - Gi沼쌻 thi沼뇎 - Ki沼긩 th沼 ph梳쬷 m沼걅 - C찼c m척 h챙nh ph찼t tri沼긪 ph梳쬷 m沼걅 - Th梳즣 lu梳춏  
8266 Manual Testing Smoke Sanity file
[Level:6]diksha dhake
109 Feb 23, 2015
Doc related to smoke and sanity  
8265 Manual Testing QA matrics 1 file
[Level:6]diksha dhake
141 Feb 23, 2015
Hi I am uploading doc related to QA matrics  
8264 General Software Testing Exercise file
142 Feb 22, 2015
This is a software testing homework.ee360t-spring15-pset1.pdf  
8263 Mobile, Embed Robotium
80 Feb 22, 2015
Robotium Android test frameworks use Robotium as extension to create scripts. Robotium is used primarily for GUI based tests. Especially the navigation, colour requirements, buttons and links can be tested...  
8262 General Test Plan
72 Feb 22, 2015
Software Test Plans must be developed in coordination with and be accessible by appropriate project team and stakeholder entities. In addition, all schedule and work plan activities and roles and re...  
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