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Total Articles 7,884
Notice Security Test The Heartbleed Bug imagefile
7428 Apr 14, 2014
7884 General 10 Apps That Will Make Your Android Phone A Whole Lot Better new
10 Jul 31, 2014
One of the best things about Android is that you can change your phone's theme, add new widgets, and customize your settings whichever way you please. Android launchers allow you to make your phone e...  
7883 General ISTQB Foundation Level syllabus file
74 Jul 28, 2014
ISTQB Foundation level syllabus  
7882 Interview, FAQ The Best Questions Testers Should Ask an Interviewer 2 update
77 Jul 28, 2014
Questions to Ask an Interviewer: I sat researching and analyzing this aspect and put together these few questions that we can ask an interviewer, should we wish to do so. The Best Questions Testers ...  
7881 Mobile, Embed 5 Best Automation Tools for Testing Android Applications
129 Jul 24, 2014
Let셲 explore modern tools for automated testing of applications supported on one of the most widespread mobile operating system - Android. Nowadays automated tests are used during almost every testing p...  
7880 General Why Software Testing Needs Revolution? (and Here is How) 1
86 Jul 21, 2014
After spending almost a decade in the industry and observing number of projects and technologies, I would like to claim that this is the right time for software testing to be revolutionized. As usual...  
7879 Test Plan How Test Planning has Upper Hand than Test Execution Phase? 2
80 Jul 17, 2014
After reading this tutorial you will understand the significant importance of the planning phase compared to the execution phase with more live examples and case studies for illustrations. This tutorial...  
7878 General SOFTWARE TESTING image
101 Jul 16, 2014
<style> v\:* {behavior:url(#defaul-t#VML);} o\:* {behavior:url(#defaul-t#VML);} w\:* {behavior:url(#defaul-t#VML);} .shape {behavior:url(#defaul-t#VML);} </style> Evolution of Software Testing The ability to produce software in a ...  
7877 General Investment Banking Domain Knowledge For Testers 1
83 Jul 16, 2014
Normal 0 false false false EN-IN X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExp-lorer4 Investment Banking Domain Knowledge For Testers Normal 0 fal...  
7876 Interview, FAQ How to Get Into Software Testing from Non-IT field?
109 Jul 14, 2014
Non-IT to Software Testing Career Change - Few Important Pointers. These are some pointers that have helped few others before, so we put together a list that could help you too. How to Get Int...  
7875 Acceptance Definition of 'Acceptance Testing'
87 Jul 14, 2014
Definition of 'Acceptance Testing' A functional trial performed on a product before it is put on the market or delivered to the purchaser. The acceptance testing process is designed to replicate...  
7874 Acceptance User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
83 Jul 14, 2014
Definition - What does User Acceptance Testing (UAT)mean?User acceptance testing (UAT) is the last phase of the software testing process. During UAT, actual software users test the software to make sure...  
7873 Acceptance Acceptance Testing image
73 Jul 14, 2014
Acceptance Testing Definition, Analogy, Method, Tasks, Details: DEFINITION Acceptance Testing is a level of the software testing process where a system is tested for acceptability. The purpose of ...  
7872 Mobile, Embed mobile-technology-testing 1 file
146 Jul 09, 2014
mobile-technology-testing- 1. Mobile Testing Challenges 2. Mobile Testing Practices 3. Mobile Test Automation 4. Summary and Q & A  
7871 Mobile, Embed Mobile api test approach 1 imagefile
134 Jul 08, 2014
Mobile api test approach  
7870 Mobile, Embed Android Mobile Testing document and framework file
144 Jul 08, 2014
Android Mobile Testing document and framework To develop apps for Android devices, you use a set of tools that are included in the Android SDK. Once you've downloaded and installed the SDK, you c...  
7869 Mobile, Embed security in Mobile devices imagefile
116 Jul 08, 2014
paper on security in Mobile devices  
7868 Mobile, Embed What Are Special Features of Testing Mobile Applications Assuming Usage of Accessories? image
88 Jul 07, 2014
Modern devices can work with many various accessories enhancing user experience and simplifying interaction with devices. That is why one cannot ignore them performing mobile testing, desktop testing ...  
7867 Mobile, Embed What Information About Users is it Necessary to Gather Before Mobile Testing? image
90 Jul 07, 2014
It is well known that any mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing requires careful preparations. Productivity of a testing process greatly depends on properly selected hardware and software....  
7866 Mobile, Embed Why is it Important to Perform Mobile Testing Under Different Lighting? image
63 Jul 07, 2014
Mobile devices are created for usage in various places, under different conditions, on the move. The majority of them are fit with different sensors making a mobile device adjustable to diverse condi...  
7865 Web Test How to Provide Sufficient Test Platform Coverage? image
70 Jul 07, 2014
In order to make testing activities more efficient one has to involve as many test platform configurations as possible in web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing. But it is unf...  
7864 Mobile, Embed What Aspects Should be Taken into Account When Choosing Platforms for Mobile Testing? image
70 Jul 07, 2014
One of the significant questions that testers have to answer planning mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing is on what platforms to perform testing works. This question is topical nowa...  
7863 General 3 Major Misconceptions that Testers Need to Dismiss (#3 is so common)
104 Jul 07, 2014
Today we want to list 3 major Misconceptions that Testers Need to Dismiss and also in a way start a forum for discussion on what the rest of us testing professionals think regarding this topic 3 Majo...  
7862 Mobile, Embed Testing Strategies and Tactics for Mobile Applications
[Level:13]Sky Driver
85 Jul 07, 2014
Testing. No one really wants to do it. It셲 expensive. It셲 time consuming. But unfortunately, it셲 needed to ensure that your consumers have a positive experience when they use your mobile appli...  
7861 Risk What is Risk Based Testing in Software testing? image
61 Jul 07, 2014
Today셲 article is going to be a complete guide to learn Risk Based Testing in Software testing. Before explaining Risk based testing, it is necessary to know what mean by Risk in software testing. ...  
7860 Risk Product Risk Vs Project Risk
51 Jul 07, 2014
What is Product RiskProduct risk is the risk associated with the software or system, the possibility that software or system may fail to satisfy end user/customers expectations is known as product risk. The...  
7859 Risk What is Risk Based Testing?
59 Jul 07, 2014
Before understanding what is risk based testing you should know what a risk is. A risk is something that has not happened yet and it may never happen in future as well, however, it is the potential ...  
7858 Bug, Defect 2 Frequent Causes of Intermittent Errors in Mobile Software image
110 Jul 03, 2014
2 Frequent Causes of Intermittent Errors in Mobile SoftwareMobile application testing requires specific approaches more often than desktop testing or web site testing. Modern mobile devices are equip...  
7857 Mobile, Embed What Are Mobile Testing Tours? image
99 Jul 03, 2014
What Are Mobile Testing Tours?It is known that software testing is a creative process and each testing process demands individual approach. In spite of it there are some techniques and methods that ...  
7856 Agile, Scrum Getting Started with Agile Scrum Methodology: The Complete Guide for Software Developers and Testers
143 Jul 03, 2014
This is the guide for software developers and testers to understand and start working on the very famous Agile SCRUM methodology for software development and testing. Learn the basic but important te...  
7855 Black Box 2 Frequent Causes of Intermittent Errors in Mobile Software image
106 Jul 02, 2014
Mobile application testing requires specific approaches more often than desktop testing or web site testing. Modern mobile devices are equipped with a lot of divers sensors, mobile applications are in...  
7854 Integrate test A Beginner's Guide to System Testing 2
147 Jun 30, 2014
System testing is the beginning of real testing where you test a product as a whole and not a module. In this You will learn what is system testing and how to perform it. A Beginner's Guide to S...  
7853 White Box White box testing: Need, Skill required and Limitations
67 Jun 30, 2014
What is White Box Testing?White box testing (WBT) is also calledStructural or Glass box testing. White box testing involves looking at the structure of the code. When you know the internal structu...  
7852 White Box White-Box Testing
66 Jun 30, 2014
Definition - What does White-Box Testing mean?White-box testing is a methodology used to ensure and validate the internal framework, mechanisms, objects and components of a software application. White-b...  
7851 General How to Test Smarter: Explore More, Document Less
123 Jun 26, 2014
We can help testers do a better job a smarter job by encouraging them to refocus some of their efforts away from test documentation and use that time instead to expand exploratory and ad-hoc ...  
7850 General What Influences over Wireless Data Transmitting? image
112 Jun 25, 2014
What Influences over Wireless Data Transmitting?At present wireless technology is widely utilized for transmitting information, cellular networks and access to the World Wide Web. It seems strange, but ...  
7849 Mobile, Embed What Are Peculiarities of Using Radio Waves? image
93 Jun 25, 2014
What Are Peculiarities of Using Radio Waves?For those who perform mobile testing it may be interesting to know that people began to utilize wireless technology long before mobile phones, smartphones ...  
7848 Bug, Defect What to Do if All Explanations of an Intermittent Error Turned to Be Wrong? image
99 Jun 25, 2014
What to Do if All Explanations of an Intermittent Error Turned to Be Wrong?Intermittent and unreproducible software bugs can be serious problem during web site testing, desktop testing and mobile ...  
7847 Mobile, Embed What Accessories Have Mobile Devices? image
104 Jun 25, 2014
What Accessories Have Mobile Devices?Manufacturers of mobile devices created different accessories for their phones, smartphones and tablets in order to make their mobile devices more useful and conven...  
7846 DB, Test Data ETL vs. DB Testing A Closer Look at ETL Testing Need, Planning and ETL Tools
134 Jun 23, 2014
In this tutorial you will learn what is database testing, what is ETL testing, difference between DB testing and ETL testing, and more details about ETL testing need, process, and planning with re...  
7845 Unit Test How to Write Good Unit Tests 2
[Level:13]Sky Driver
245 Jun 23, 2014
This article shows how to craft good unit tests. It explores the proper structure of unit tests, the code scenarios that unit tests should cover, and the properties of well-written unit tests. Ther...  
7844 Unit Test Unit Test - Definition
[Level:13]Sky Driver
101 Jun 23, 2014
I used to feel that a 쁴nit was the smallest possible part of a code base (a method, really). But in the past couple of years I셶e changed my mind. Here셲 how I define a unit test, as of Octob...  
7843 Unit Test Tips for writing great unit tests
[Level:13]Sky Driver
95 Jun 23, 2014
Enough vague discussion time for some practical advice. Here셲 some guidance for writing unit tests that sit snugly at Sweet Spot A on the preceding scale, and are virtuous in other ways too. Make ...  
7842 General sofware testing file
145 Jun 19, 2014
helpful for students  
7841 Manual Testing A Simple 12 Steps Guide to Write an Effective Test Summary Report [with a Sample Report for Download]
275 Jun 19, 2014
Several documents and reports are being prepared as part of Testing. Some are Test Strategy doc, Test Plan doc, Risk management Plan, Configuration management plan etc. Among these Test Summary Report ...  
7840 Tool- Jmeter jMeter - FTP Test Plan 1 image
111 Jun 18, 2014
In this chapter we will see how to test a FTP site using JMeter. Let us create a Test Plan to test the FTP site.RENAME TEST PLANStart the JMeter window by clicking on /home/manisha/apache--jmeter...  
7839 Tool- Jmeter jMeter - Database Test Plan image
103 Jun 18, 2014
In this chapter we will see how to create a simple test plan to test the database server. For our test purpose we have used the MYSQL database server. You can use any other database for testing. F...  
7838 Mobile, Embed Getting Started with Robotium - The Most Popular Android Application UI Testing Tool
141 Jun 16, 2014
Robotium Tutorial - Robotium is the android test automation framework for testing native and hybrid android applications. It provides simple API to write UI automation scripts. Getting Started with R...  
7837 Tool- Jmeter jMeter - Webservice Test Plan 2 image
146 Jun 16, 2014
In this chapter, we will learn how to create a Test Plan to test a WebService. For our test purpose, we have created a simple webservice project and deployed it on the Tomcat server locally. Cr...  
7836 Tool- Jmeter jMeter - FTP Test Plan 1 image
115 Jun 16, 2014
In this chapter we will see how to test a FTP site using JMeter. Let us create a Test Plan to test the FTP site.RENAME TEST PLANStart the JMeter window by clicking on /home/manisha/apache--jmeter...  
7835 Tool- Jmeter jMeter - Database Test Plan 1 image
97 Jun 16, 2014
Once MYSQL is installed, follow the steps below to setup the database: Create a database with name "tutorial". Create a table tutorials_tbl. Insert records into tutorials_tbl : mysql> use TUTORIALS; Databa...  
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