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Total Articles 7,756
Notice Security Test The Heartbleed Bug imagefile
81 Apr 14, 2014
7755 General How to crack PMP - ACP
40 Apr 18, 2014
Must visit website and share with others:-testingking.weebly.c-om Tips already shared by others earlier is good enough. There is nothing special to add. But still my preparation was as below: 1) Mike Griff...  
7754 Mobile, Embed 5 Mobile Testing Challenges and Solutions
29 Apr 18, 2014
In continuation with the detailed and quite insightful article Beginner셲 guide to Mobile Testing, we will here understand the various challenges which are faced when performing mobile testing and w...  
7753 General How to download and install offline Windows 8.1 Update 1
47 Apr 17, 2014
As always, we have to preface this with the usual disclaimer: Downloading Windows updates from anyone other than Microsoft is risky. At the very least, you should ensure that the SHA hash of the dow...  
7752 General How to Calculate Time Needed on a Software Testing Process? image
91 Apr 16, 2014
One of the ways of estimation time needed for completion of web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing is measuring a span of time between reporting and fixing of a software b...  
7751 General How to Forecast Release Time of a Software Product? image
27 Apr 16, 2014
All the stakeholders of a project want to stay abreast of the project progress and be able to forecast the release time of the software product, plan and coordinate their actions. To make all this ...  
7750 Manual Testing Testing Check list file
53 Apr 16, 2014
Testing check list  
7749 General The Art of Software Testing 3rd Edition 1 file
69 Apr 15, 2014
The hardware and software of computing have changed markedly in the three decades since the first edition of The Art of Software Testing, but this book's powerful underlying analysis has stood the t...  
7748 Tool 5 Must Have Non-testing Tools for Testers to Make Life Easier 1
72 Apr 14, 2014
At STH we have researched and put together elaborate list of Bug tracking, test management and the other specialized automation tools. We agree and understand the importance of them. However, this art...  
7747 Interview, FAQ ISTQB questions
36 Apr 14, 2014
ISTQB Sample Paper Q1. When what is visible to end-users is a deviation from the specific or expected behavior, this is called: a) an error b) a fault c) a failure d) a defect e) a mistake Q2. Reg...  
7746 Test Manage How to Lead a Happier and Successful Test Team Test Leadership Part 2 1
87 Apr 10, 2014
Who is this article for? This tutorial picks up from where the first tutorial left off. Out here we will discuss on how to have a happier test team. Whether you셶e been in this role or have be...  
7745 General Excel 2011 for mac unit4 file
73 Apr 10, 2014
7744 General Excel 2011 for mac unit4 file
73 Apr 10, 2014
Introduction This unit is about good practice in managing Excel files. The measures below will either save you time or make your work more secure.  
7743 General Why Define Conditions of Software Testing Starting and Ending? image
73 Apr 09, 2014
A software testing company must clearly specify conditions of starting software test execution cycle and conditions of its ending. Testers may begin checking an application build only when the condi...  
7742 Tool Open source tool Squash
92 Apr 09, 2014
Hello, I want to know your professionnel opinion about a french open source tool for test repositories management. Natively "multi" and "cross" projects, it can manage all testing stages, from requirement...  
7741 General Excel 2011 for mac unit2 file
76 Apr 09, 2014
Introduction Unit 1: The Excel Dashboard described the various components of the Excel interface. This unit teaches the most basic uses of that interface. This is intended as grounding for beginn...  
7740 General Excel 2011 for mac unit1 file
92 Apr 09, 2014
Excel helps us to understand data better by laying it out in 쁟ells (which form rows and columns) and using formulas to make relevant calculations between these cells. In order to get the most out o...  
7739 DB, Test Data FAQ-SQL file
[Level:10]uday bhaskar
136 Apr 08, 2014
The attached document answers the below questions with examples, very helpful for a beginner. What is SQL and where does it come from? What are the difference between DDL, DML and DCL commands? H...  
7738 DB, Test Data Oracle-LabGuide 1 imagefile
[Level:10]uday bhaskar
106 Apr 08, 2014
This Document consists of assignments for the individual days training program. Please go through and practice them.  
7737 DB, Test Data Oracle-DAY6 imagefile
[Level:10]uday bhaskar
105 Apr 08, 2014
Objectives New features of Oracle 9i New features of Oracle 10g  
7736 DB, Test Data Oracle-DAY1 1 imagefile
[Level:10]uday bhaskar
106 Apr 08, 2014
Objectives To Recall RDBMS concepts To introduce ORACLE and its products To introduce Oracle Client/Server Architecture To explain Oracle Physical structure-Data Files, Control Files,Redo Files To ...  
7735 General Leadership in Testing Test Lead Responsibilities and How to Manage Test Team Effectively
155 Apr 07, 2014
This tutorial would not only help Test leads in terms of how and what to modify to get optimal results, but also experienced testers who aspire to move into leadership roles. There are certain fa...  
7734 DB, Test Data Oracle-DAY5 file
[Level:10]uday bhaskar
172 Apr 04, 2014
Objectives _To understand PL/SQL performance tuning _To understand few tools like DBMS_TRACE used to tune the PL/SQL code. _To understand the locking mechanism and types of locking in Oracle. _To underst...  
7733 DB, Test Data Oracle-DAY4 1 file
[Level:10]uday bhaskar
174 Apr 04, 2014
Objectives 1.Integration of Java and Oracle 2.PL/SQL vs. Java Stored Procedures 3.Understanding Java Stored Procedures  
7732 DB, Test Data Oracle-DAY3 1 file
[Level:10]uday bhaskar
212 Apr 04, 2014
Objectives: To explain PL/SQL subprograms units Procedures Functions Packages Database Triggers  
7731 DB, Test Data Oracle-DAY2 1 file
[Level:10]uday bhaskar
188 Apr 04, 2014
Objectives 줥o explain the need for a procedural language and the constructs of PL/SQL. 줥o explain Exception/Error handling in PL/SQL blocks such as Named and Un-named System Exceptions, User defin...  
7730 Agile, Scrum Different Agile Methodologies 1 file
[Level:10]uday bhaskar
222 Apr 04, 2014
Attached is a word document which briefs us on Various agile methodologies like 1.Scrum 2.Lean and Kanban Software Development 3.Extreme Programming (XP) 4.Crystal 5.Dynamic Systems Development Method (DS...  
7729 DB, Test Data oracle dba file
171 Apr 04, 2014
Database blocks are temporarily stored in Database buffer cache. As blocks are read, they are stored in DB buffer cache so that if any user accesses them later, they are available in memory and need n...  
7728 Tool Topic 3: QTP Basic Building Blocks 1
199 Apr 04, 2014
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Topic 3: QTP Basic Building Blocks Topic covered: 횠 What are the various components within QTP? 횠...  
7727 Tool Topic 2: Intro to HP QTP/UFT
159 Apr 04, 2014
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Topic 2: Intro to HP QTP/UFT Topic covered: 횠 What is QTP? 횠 Brief history on HP QTP 횠 W...  
7726 Tool Topic 1: Automation Testing Basics 3
207 Apr 04, 2014
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Topic 1: Automation Testing Basics Topic covered: 횠 What is Automation? 횠 Why is it important i...  
7725 General 5 Most Common Testing Tasks Testers Forget to Test (and How to Avoid That) 1
187 Apr 03, 2014
5 Most Important Testing Tasks We Tend to Forget - Today I am going to talk about some points or testing tasks we forgot or have intentionally avoided since years while testing. 5 Most Common Testi...  
7724 General How to Reduce Costs Performing Compatibility Testing? image
173 Apr 02, 2014
In order to perform compatibility testing thoroughly a software testing company must use end-user configurations of hardware and software. The tests must be run on each end-user software and hardware confi...  
7723 General What Is the Foremost Issue for Successful Compatibility Testing? image
200 Apr 02, 2014
It is well-known that compatibility plays an important role in user acceptance of the application. For this reason any software testing company gives due consideration to compatibility testing. It must ...  
7722 General How to Test Multiuser Application with no Control of Concurrency Issues? image
162 Apr 02, 2014
Many of modern applications are designed to work simultaneously with many users. Concurrency has always been problem-plagued part of such software products. It is not an easy task for the development team ...  
7721 Agile, Scrum The Ultimate Tool For The Agile Tester - qTest eXplorer Review 1
198 Apr 01, 2014
qTest eXplorer review - Explore this tool once and you will see how powerful it it for your test management activities including - creating test cases, recording defects, screen capture, image editin...  
7720 Tool- Selenium Selenium 1 image
215 Mar 31, 2014
<style> v\:* {behavior:url(#defaul-t#VML);} o\:* {behavior:url(#defaul-t#VML);} w\:* {behavior:url(#defaul-t#VML);} .shape {behavior:url(#defaul-t#VML);} </style> Selenium IDE Summary Document Intro, Export from IDE, Junit code To...  
7719 General MS Excel
211 Mar 31, 2014
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Basics of MS Excel: Introduction: 쨌 Freeze excel Panes 쨌 Basic Formula in excel 쨌 Sum, Coun...  
7718 General HTML Summary
194 Mar 31, 2014
HTML Summary Introduction: HTML (HyperText Markup Language).Widely used in today셲 web based word. It is a basic structured language used to construct various web applications. <tags> help us communicate b...  
7717 Unit Test Introduction to Unit Testing in Java file
242 Mar 29, 2014
Introduction to Unit Testing in Java What Does a Unit Test Test? 겗 The term 쐕nit predates the O-O era. 겗 Unit 쐍atural abstraction unit of an O-O system: class or its instantiated for...  
7716 Unit Test Introduction to unit testing with Java, Eclipse and Subversion file
212 Mar 29, 2014
Introduction to unit testing with Java, Eclipse and Subversion Table of Contents 1. About Unit Tests...............-....................-..... 2 1.1. Introduction........-....................-.............. 2 1.2. ...  
7715 Mobile, Embed Useful Tools For Android Apps Test Automation 1 image
246 Mar 28, 2014
Useful Tools For Android Apps Test AutomationIn our previous article we talked about Why test automation is not good but it셲 obvious that automation testing makes life easier and helps to find more b...  
7714 Mobile, Embed Mobile App Sample Test Case 2 file
248 Mar 28, 2014
Mobile App Sample Test Case As Vision PLUS짰 implementations grow in complexity and scope, they become increasingly difficult to develop, test and deploy. The direct and indirect costs associated w...  
7713 Test Plan Test Plan Template 1 file
320 Mar 28, 2014
This serves as the plan for testing all software artifacts as well as the reporting of test results.  
7712 Mobile, Embed Mobile-device testing 4
260 Mar 28, 2014
Mobile-device testing process to assure the quality of mobile devices, like mobile phones, PDAs, etc. The testing will be conducted on both hardware and software. And from the view of different p...  
7711 General Soft Skills for Testers 2
[Level:9]KMS Recruitment
280 Mar 28, 2014
By Mush Honda, QA Director at KMS Technology You may be a good tester, but do you have what it takes to be a great tester? In my 13 years of experience, there is a common thread that separates ...  
7710 Interview, FAQ What is the Best Moment in Your Testing Career? (Answers to Such 14 Interesting Software Testing Interview Questions) 1
274 Mar 27, 2014
A successful interview, often means, we get to take a higher step in the career ladder. STH has published many interview articles on various testing specializations so far. This is going to be a foll...  
7709 General How to Test Application Concurrency? image
271 Mar 26, 2014
Modern applications are meant to suffice various users demands. To do it properly, the applications must be well thought out and designed. Good implementation of some functions may be a real challenge ...  
7708 General How to Create Suitable Databases for Mobile Testing, Desktop Testing or Web Site Testing? 1 image
236 Mar 26, 2014
A software testing company emphasizes that it is important to test software applying realistic databases. Elaborating of such databases consumes some time and efforts but testing an application on realistic ...  
7707 DB, Test Data Joining Tables for Database Testing 4 file
349 Mar 25, 2014
Joining Tables The FROM clause allows more than 1 table in its list, however simply listing more than one table will very rarely produce the expected results. The rows from one table must be correl...  
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