IEE 610-1990 Standard glossary of software

The computer field is continuing to expand. New term are being generated and new meanings are being adopted for existing terms. The IEEE Computer Dictionary project was undertaken to document this vocabulary. Its purpose is to identify terms currently in use in the computer feild and to establish standard definitions for these terms. The dictionary is intended to serve as a useful reference for those in the computer field and for those who come into contact with computers either though their work or in their everyday lives.
The dictionary is being developed as a set of subject-area glassaries covering Computer Architecture, Computer Processors, Computer Storage, Software Engineering, Mathematics of Computing, Theory of Computation, Computer Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Data Management, Image Processing and Patteren Recognition, Modeling and Stimulation, Computer Graphics, Computer Networking, Computer Languages, and Computer Security and Privacy. This glossary contains the terms related to Software Engineering. It updates IEE Std 729-1983, IEEE Standrd Glossary of Software Engineering Terminology (ANSI).
Every effort has been made to use definitions from established standards in this dictionary. When existing standards were found to be incomplete, unclear, or inconsistent with other entries in the dictionary, howeverm new, revised, or composite definitions have been developed.
At the time this glossary was approved, the following people formed the  steering committee of the Computer Dictionary working group