1. What is Software Testing?
The process of exercising or evaluating a system or system component by manual or
means to verify that it satisfies specified requirements or to identify differen
ces between expected
and actual results..."
2. What is the Purpose of Testing?
· To uncover hidden error.
· To achieve the maximum usability of the system
· To demonstrate expected performance of the system.
3. What types of testing do testers perform?
Black-box testing, White box testing is the basic type of testing testers Perfor
ms. Apart from that
they also perform a lot of tests like
· Ad-Hoc testing
· Cookie testing
· CET ( Customer Experience test)
· Client-Server Test
· Configuration Tests
· Compatibility testing
· Conformance Testing
· Depth Test
· Error Test
· Event-Driven
· Full Test
· Negative Test
· Parallel Testing
· Performance Testing
· Recovery testing
· Sanity Test
· Security Testing
· Smoke testing
· Web Testing