Very good book for tester!

Software Testing is one of the key practices in the Software Development Life Cycle that requires diversified skills. Because, developers find it difficult to find out the defects in their own code psychologically, the developers cannot test their code effectively. Hence, there arises the need for an Independent Testing Group, who approaches the code with a different perception to test them effectively.

Provided this scenario,

1) What are the unique skills required for the “Independent” Testers (which may or may not be required for a developer)?
2) What are the best practices that an “Independent” Tester need to adopt?

This paper tries to find out the answers for the above questions. Biologically, the skills and talents of a human being is managed by the brain and hence the title “Skills of a Tester’s Skull”. “Tester’s Skull” does not mean exactly the Skull of a tester; it is the Tester’s Brain inside the skull.