• Has the case been presented based on the five case model format.
  • Does the Strategic Case demonstrate clear alignment with NDA strategy (eg link to Topic Strategy or Site Strategic Specification)
  • Are strategic tolerances identified and complied with (Should make reference to Topic Strategy or Site Strategic Specification and quote tolerances)
  • Are short term and long term objectives clearly identified
  • Do all options have consistent end points as defined in EGG 08.
  • Has full life cycle analysis been carried out as defined in EGG 08.
  • Is numerical data consistently presented throughout the paper and arithmetically
  • Is there clear evidence that the proposal is technically feasible/deliverable (Economic Case)
  • Is there clear evidence that the proposal is commercially feasible/deliverable (Commercial Case)
  • Does the required funding align with the available funding ie is it affordable (Financial Case)
  • Is there clear evidence that programme/project is being managed to deliver the identified benefits (Management Case)
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