# Check the URL셲 encryption. Except main page all other branches and sensitive pages should be encrypted in URL
# Check the Cookies, all sensitive cookies should be removed automatically when the application get closed
# Sensitive information stored in the cookies must be encrypted
# For authentication kind of site, the cache must be cleared on exit
# If we edit the cookies while the application is on run, then it should not affect the system; instead it should restore its original (proper) state when the next action happens in the application
# All password and user셲 sensitive information transaction should be encrypted
# Encryption should be in the simple way to identify. Typically it should be the mix of special characters, numerals and alphabets(both cases A/a)
# Folder level access should not be allowed. Eg: if the url opens a page inside a specific folder, then if any one deleted the file name and tried with that folder name should not be able to open that folder
# Internal and external IP address mapped with the URL should be secured.

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